53. The Only Real Meaning Something Has

The only real meaning something has is the meaning you give it. We refer you to The Meaning of Chocolate Cake Lesson 10 The Book of Evolving Relationships.

In this lesson, We explain that the term Chocolate Cake has different meanings for different people. If innocent chocolate cake can have that many interpretations and meanings then what do the real emotional issues, such as Love and Fear, have in terms of interpretation and meaning to you, and to everyone else.

The meaning of something depends on your level of awareness and on your level of consciousness. To people who walk through this life on the earths plane without awareness and consciousness of Who They Really Are, the events and issues in their life do not seem to be in any way significant to The Bigger Picture.

As We have said many times before, your life on this earth plane is an illusion. It is not real. You are not your body. You are Spirit, a part of God.

If you are not aware, if you are unconscious of your Spiritual nature then the events, issues and occurrences in your life will simply be seen for what they are, at a simplistic level of understanding. However, if you are aware and if you are conscious of the Spiritual nature of Who You Really Are then you can look for the deeper meaning of events and occurrences that occur in your life.

To many people things that occur seem to be simply coincidence. To the more spiritually aware, they start to understand the synchronicity of events in their lives. How things synchronize perfectly because they understand that God gives you what you need, exactly when you need it, Gods timing is always perfect if you trust God, or trust Spirit.

TRUST To Release Unto Spirit Totally and To Rely Upon Spirit Totally

Of course you can drive yourself crazy looking for meaning in everything that occurs in your life. Not everything that happens every second of every day needs to be analyzed to look for meaning. There are one, two, or a few things that occur some days, more than others do, that are significant to the real meaning of your life.

The important thing to focus on when looking for the real meaning of the few things which occur every now and then, not necessarily every day or even every few days, is what does that really mean to me in a spiritual sense.

Things that occur whether you perceive, or judge them, good or bad, need to be looked at as to how they will help you grow or evolve spiritually to become Who You Really Are.

Good relationships could be perceived as two people who currently share the same value and belief systems. This could be interpreted to mean that you are both being rewarded with happiness as you have synergy together in your current value and belief systems.

Perhaps the real meaning here is to continually re-enforce the current value and belief systems in every belief, thought and action towards yourself, towards each other and towards the outside world with whom you both interact.

To maintain the good relationship means to both maintain your current value and belief systems.

Bad relationships, as they are perceived to be, are in reality good relationships! They are good if you understand the real meaning of this so-called bad relationship. This real meaning is that the other person is providing you with an amazing opportunity to grow and evolve spiritually. By accepting that you have allowed this other person into your space, and to remain in your space, is because they are mirroring something about you to yourself that you need to identify, address and change, so you can grow and evolve spiritually. The Book of Evolving Relationships can be your guide here.

In various religions, there is a consistent theme of a belief in a Deity, or Higher Power, or Spirit. These religions all create memorabilia, things to use to remember and be conscious of the Deity, Higher Power or Spirit.

These memorabilia could be thoughts, paper, wood, metal, glass, fabric, and so on. For example, crucifixes, a prayer rug, a mark on your body, a skull cap, a special form of praying, and so on.

These memorabilia are all designed to remind and reinforce to you the consciousness and awareness of the religion and spiritual beliefs practiced by this religion.

To people involved in these religions, this memorabilia has a very important significance. Some people would choose to die rather than go against their religious beliefs, symbols or memorabilia.

The meaning that these people, in each specific religion, attach to this memorabilia, these symbols and religious practices takes them past logic and reason. It takes them out of their mind into a place of intentions and intuition. It takes them into a spiritual realm of belief. It awakens their spiritual consciousness and makes them feel connected to God, Spirit, Deity, Higher Power or whatever name or image resonates with them. In a nutshell, it makes them feel more holy, more like Who They Really Are. This deserves unlimited praise and reward and it shows on their faces.

This ritual, symbol, prayer, memorabilia has a tremendous and real meaning for them as they ascend to higher spiritual realms in their awakened consciousness.

However, what of the person standing next to them? This person, belonging to another religion, another faith, uses different means of prayer, ritual, symbolism and memorabilia to access their way to higher spiritual realms in their awakened consciousness.

Both these people have got to, possibly, the same space using different methods. If they saw how the other person gave real meaning to their belief system using memorabilia, symbols, prayer and rituals, they would not understand or believe it.

To attempt to understand it or believe it would, to the vast majority of people, mean undermining their method of faith in obtaining their real meaning. This would threaten them greatly. How do you think most wars begin?

However, what We are attempting to explain is that real meaning to someone cannot be judged, it must be accepted by them in terms of each individuals current value and belief system. The current view of their reality now determines the real meaning of something.

Your level of spiritual awareness and consciousness will determine and enable you to utilize the real meaning of events that occur in your life to allow you to grow and evolve spiritually to become closer to Who You Really Are.

When you reach higher spiritual awareness and consciousness, you will understand synchronicity that God gives you everything you need (not want) when the time is right. Gods timing is always perfect if you TRUST To Release Unto Spirit Totally and To Rely Upon Spirit Totally.

Next time you see a butterfly, an old friend, an ex-friend, a special number, a colour, hear a story, have an accident, see a movie, have a dream, etc., etc. you decide if it has any real meaning for you to grow and evolve spiritually to become Who You Really Are a Part of God.

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