51. Accepting Your New Reality

What is your reality now? What do you believe to be true in your life now? Has that always been your reality, your truth?

When you believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, when you believed that mothers and fathers were infallible. When you believed that things you loved were always there and did not die or go away, when you believed in your marriage vows of fidelity, when you believed that what was real was always going to be real, when you came to realize that what is real, your reality, is no longer real, it is an illusion.

All of life is an illusion. You are not your body; you are a Soul, a part of Spirit, a part of God. Your body is not real, it is an illusion. When you see pictures of a dead body, is the body real? No, it’s now an empty lifeless shell. It used to be real but now it’s an illusion of what a body was.

So it is with your life, your past is no longer real, it’s an illusion. Whatever happened in your past is no longer your reality. For example, if yesterday you got married, or had a baby, or had an enjoyable meal, or participated in skydiving or whatever, your new reality is what you are doing, or being, now. For example, your marriage party is over and today, now, you face a new reality of husband and wife, hopefully for a long time together. The baby may have had complications at birth and did not survive, that is your new reality, now.

Your enjoyable meal last night was followed by an even more enjoyable meal at lunch today. Your skydiving experience was wonderful and you now want to change careers and teach skydiving to others.

New realities unfold all the time. Being stuck in your old realities of the past, or projecting the realities you would like manifested in the future, is not real, it is an illusion.

The only reality is happening now! In the present moment of now is the only true time and the only place you can trust your belief system as to what your new reality is now.

If you continue to live in a past reality and you cannot let go of what was then it will be very frustrating for you as you deal with illusionary shadows. The modern saying get a life means face up to and accept the new reality of your life and circumstances now.

Projecting your reality into the future can be equally damaging, as the illusion of the future is just that, an illusion, not real, not your current new reality. Living in the past, and in the future, robs you of your opportunity to make the present moment of now count. A pleasurable now makes for good memories later and good hopes and aspirations for the future.

Accept your new reality now. Decide how you intend to improve your attitude and your belief system by accepting your reality, now.

Now is real, accept it, do not judge it, evolve with what you have now. Trust the process of your new reality, stay in the now and be love, then watch your new reality create harmony, respect, peace and love for you and others as you accept your new reality for now!

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