50. Are You A Spider or a Fly?

You have free will. We will never interfere in the choices you make. Right now, how do you feel about yourself? Do you feel trapped? Do you feel that you are powerless? Do you feel controlled, manipulated, lacking in power? Is someone pulling your strings as the puppet master and you are dancing to their tune? Do you feel like a fly trapped in a spider’s web?

Well if you feel like a victim then We refer you to Lesson 8 in The Book of Evolving Relationships Betrayal of Trust You Are Not A Victim.

This lesson will enable you to identify the cause of your feelings of being victimized, enable you to work through these feelings and ultimately empower you to no longer feel like a victim by finding the unconditional love inside of you. It is well worth a read. We recommend you do it now and then rejoin Us.

So, by now you have finally realized that you are no longer a victim but that you have become Who You Really Are in Light and in Love. Now you can choose whether to remain a victim or not too. It is your free will!

Those who choose to remain victims are fulfilling their lifes journey. They have been given the opportunity to heal themselves, by no longer being a victim, and so close the karmic cycle in this life space, however, in this present moment of now, they have refused this opportunity of healing, growing and evolving. They wish to remain victims, for now, and, of course due to their choice to remain victims, new opportunities will present themselves to enable them to play out their role as victims. Their free will to remain a fly will create the opportunity for someone to become the spider in their lives.

This spider will spin a web, at the appropriate time, in the appropriate place, and the fly, the victim, will fly right into it, no doubt, bemoaning their fate, as they are trapped, powerless, defenceless, at the whim of the spider.

Spiders need flies and flies need spiders. No one is more right than the other, no one is more wrong than the other. They are symbiotically tied in the duality that exists on the earth plane. When, the fly is caught in the web the spider is happy, the fly is sad.

The only choice you have is whether you wish to empower yourself and be the spider who spins the web, in its integrity of doing what it is empowered to do by nature, and so catch the fly, or, whether you wish not to stand in your integrity, by not being true to Who You Really Are, and remain, or become, the victim, the fly inevitably to be caught in the spiders web.

By standing in your integrity, by stating and implementing, This is not acceptable to me any longer as I now stand in my integrity then you can avoid becoming, or remaining, a victim.

Its your free will to choose Spider or Fly?

VICTIM Verily I Call This Into Manifestation

FLY Forever Lying (to) Yourself or Fear Leaving You

SPIDER So Politely I Demand Enduring Respect

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