49. Children Learning Boundaries Of Acceptable Behaviour

My dear Child,

I am disappointed in your behaviour. Recently, you have become more disrespectful towards everyone, including me, and including yourself.

Whilst I understand you are a teenager, and asserting your independence, you have blurred the boundaries which you have always needed to keep you out of trouble.

Since you have become friendly with certain of your new friends you have changed. You are more disrespectful, more demanding of others and more selfish. You live your life without caring for others and only doing what suits you.

You disrespect others, expecting everyone to fit into your timetable. You act like everyone is here to serve you and must be available to ensure your every whim is attended to.

As one who loves you more than I have ever loved anything, it disappoints me to see you having the ability to replicate your worst moments. Those times you have been punished at school and at home for breaking through the boundaries of behaviour acceptable to society. You are a child, and now a young person, who needs to be told and reinforced what your boundaries are.

You are free spirited, fun loving, creative and wonderful to be around. However, this free spiritedness can be to your detriment when left unchecked. You have to have acceptable boundaries continually reinforced for your own good through discipline and love. This I have attempted to do through all your years, and to date it has worked, as evidenced by that amazing love we have for each other.

However, you have changed and now you are critical of others who do not give you instant gratification for your needs. You expect everyone to drop everything to attend to your immediate needs.

I fully understand the changed circumstances you find yourself in as you struggle with being a teenager. However, what is really concerning me, is your deteriorating attitude of disrespect, your increasing selfishness and self-centredness and your need for instant gratification. These traits, if allowed to go unchecked without strong parental guidance and implementation of consistent, loving discipline, could be very detrimental to you. I can draw you pictures of what lies ahead of you if you persist with this current attitude. However, I don’t want you to live your life in fear, but rather in love.

I would prefer you to become Who You Really Are, the part of God you really are and as God is love so you are love.

When you act as the magnificent person I know you are you are then no longer disrespectful, selfish, self-centred and seeking instant gratification. You then are the most incredible human being I have ever known. You are the real you, not the person I am seeing at present.

I hope that this letter awakens you to being who you really are, as I have done with you in the past. When you and I have met at these crossroads of your life before we have painfully gone through this process and you have emerged victorious when realising that the road you have been on has not served you well. Right now you are at such a crossroad.

This letter is being written for you to keep as a constant reminder of the choices you are currently making.

Please remember every choice has consequences, and cause and effect.

Do not be lulled into believing that the future looks rosy now, that is what happens to people who take alcohol, drugs and have other similar addictions. Initially things are wonderful, but when the euphoria wears off the hangover, consequences, cause and effect are very unpleasant as reality sets in for a long time.

However, you can choose right now.

Do you want to continue on your current road, or do you want to take another road at this crossroad where I meet you once again?

The road I am offering you is the road to love of yourself and others through self-respect, respect of others, non-selfish and non-self-centredness behaviour, and not seeking instant gratification. This road is one of discipline, love, respect and living within society’s acceptable boundaries of behaviour and belief.

Or do you wish to continue on your current road?

Either way, I will always love you, but not your behaviour, if you should choose to stay on the road you are on at present.

One road is love and positive growth of becoming Who You Really Are, and the other road is me bailing you out of trouble, time and again.

It’s your choice to decide what road to take.

Look around you your choices are self-evident in your current life. Simply remember, I will always love you no matter which road you choose.

I pray with all my heart that you continue to make the correct choices in your life.

All my love.

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