It’s one thing to say you are a part of God.
It’s another thing to believe it.

In the closure of the last lesson We signed off:

Welcome home My Beloved
I Love you!

If you felt “goose bumps” and a warm feeling inside of you then you believe you are a part of God and that God is a part of you.

If you felt uncomfortable that We wrote I Love you! God, then you see God as a force outside of you.
Your perception of God may be one of awe and dread.
Perhaps your perception of God is one of a God of Fear, a God who punishes wrongdoers, a God of vengefulness. A God who chooses one side in a war to win and one to lose. A God who believes in war and not peace. A God who brings the world down on you if you break a ritual of your religious beliefs, traditions and practices.

Our God is a God of Love.
Our God is a part of Us and a part of you.
Our God is Love.
Our God writes us letters.
Every leaf on the tree or on the ground is a letter from God, after all it’s God’s tree to send letters from.

Which God do you want to be part of?
A God of Fear or a
God of Love.
You choose in every present moment of Now.

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