Adaptable, Adjust, Boundaries, Defense, Loner, Protection, Smell, Vulnerability

Protection : The armadillo teaches you to carry your protection with you. Not to rely on others to protect you. It teaches you when to use your self-protection without bringing harm to others.

Defense: An armadillos best offence is its strong defense, when threatened it rolls itself into a ball not exposing its vulnerable underbelly.

Vulnerability : An armadillo is vulnerable on its underside. In cold climates, it needs to sunbathe by lying on its back and so gain heat and warmth. It invariably falls asleep while sunbathing, exposing its vulnerability to attack by its predators the big cats and coyotes. When exposing your vulnerability know who to trust.

Smell: It has a strong sense of smell, which allows it to discriminate in its hunt for food. Learn to trust your instincts such as smell.

Loner: Armadillos only pair for mating, thereafter they go their own way again. Does being a loner serve you best now?

Adaptable: Armadillos can move fast, dig into the earth with sharp claws, and swim while holding its breath underwater for up to 6 minutes. They can move through the various elements in their adaptability. Can you bring that adaptability into play when required?

Adjust: The armadillo female can, if distressed, delay the birth of its young for up to two and a half years. You can create what you want and find the safest time to develop it.

Boundaries: – An armadillo sets personal boundaries when needed, it allows itself to go within when required to protect itself. Can you?

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