4. You Are Not Your Body

You are Spirit. God is Spirit, you are part of God.

As a Spirit you have a Soul, which has chosen to inhabit a body for its current visit to the earth plane.

This body was not chosen randomly. This body was purposefully selected to be a specific vehicle for you to experience life on earth. Why are some peoples bodies beautiful and some judged as ugly, some gorgeous, some judged so-so, some judged disfigured. Why are there beauty queens and why are some people disfigured.

Why are bodies so important to people and, maybe, to you?

Why do people seek perfection of their bodies?

Why do some people hide their bodies and don’t allow others to see them?

You selected your body, in Spirit, to help you heal your Soul, so you can always grow and evolve, as a Soul representing your Spirits journey throughout eternity.

AGE Always Growing Evolving is seen by the body to be the enemy of time. Bodies age and gravity wins! Minds age and are always growing evolving.

When your mind is controlled by your Soul, which is Pure Love, then Age is your desired state. When your mind is controlled by your EGO (Edging God Out), your body’s enemy is age as gravity always wins.

So when you are Love you are your mind not your body. When you are Ego, fear based Ego controlling your mind, you are your body

Your body is not Who You Really Are, it is an illusion. Your body was selected, by your Soul, in Spirit, to help you heal your Soul on its journey. Your body is perfect. Your body is perfectly created for its purpose for you to eventually see past the illusion of the body to the love-controlled mind.

You are Spirit; your body is an illusion. By focusing on your being Spirit, Pure Love, you will know Inner Peace as you AGE Always Growing Evolving. By focusing on your Ego controlled body, you will not know peace as you Age in time and gravity wins.

It’s your choice: Love controlled Spirit or Ego controlled body.

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