47. The Three Commitments To Yourself – No.2 Stay In The Now

The only time there is, is Now.

Yes, there is one second ago and yes, there is the next second to come but both of these two seconds, past and future, are measured from Now.

Now is all there is!

Try this experiment – take a breath a minute ago, alternatively take a breath in a minute’s time. Is that possible? Well, are you breathing right now? The only breath that you can take is now. The breath of the past is a memory and the breath of the future is a hope.

Who wants you to live in the past, who wants you to live in the future? Your EGO! Edging God Out.

Your Ego can control and manipulate your mind by reminding it of the past and projecting it into the future by creating fear and doubt, and perhaps hope.

Your Soul knows there is only Now. By surrendering to What Is Now, you accept the Now. In the Now there is no ego-based judgment about what should have been or what is going to be. In the now, where Soul is, where God is, there is simply BEING.

Your Ego controls your mind and your mind is conscious of time. The illusion of time makes you live in the past which gives you an identity while the future holds the promise of hope or the self-destruction of fear. Both are illusions. By being in the Now the ego-based mind has no control and manipulation over you. By being in the Now allows you to be out of your ego-based mind and enables you to allow Soul to enter you consciously.

Everything can only happen in the Now. Nothing can happen in the past, it can only happen now. Nothing can happen in the future, it can only happen Now. When you focus in the Now you force your mind to relinquish its power over you. You allow Soul to replace Ego, you allow time to become Presence of Now.

In this Presence of Now God speaks to you. God can only exist in the Now because that’s all there is. Now.

When you meditate you go into the Now and God speaks to you. When you feel the presence of God, your Guides or your Angels it is in the Now. You cannot feel it yesterday or tomorrow but only right now.

By focusing on staying in the Now all things open up to you.

Let Us give you some examples to illustrate the point of staying in the Now. A surfer catching a wave has to stay fractionally ahead of the breaking wave to keep his footing. Imagine you are on a water chute with a volume of water propelling you from behind you. To avoid being swamped by the water you need to keep fractionally ahead of the jet propulsion of water. In both examples where would you be if you were not focusing on this present moment of Now but allowing your mind to take you to your past or to your future? You would be swamped and swallowed up by the water. So it is with ego-based mind control and manipulation, it swamps you with fear, or hope, of the past and fear, or hope, of the future.

Love can only be experienced in the Now. Fear can only be experienced in the past and in the future.

Soul can only be found in the Now. God is only in the Now, Love is only in the Now. Be conscious of staying in the Now so you can access Soul, God, Love.

When your mind takes you back to the past or forward to the future be conscious of this control and manipulation. Step out of your ego controlled mind and step into the Now.

Make it a habit to ask yourself where am I – in the past, in the future or in the Now? You can train yourself to stay in the Now. See the present moment of Now as a V you have to get in and out of this V in every present moment of Now. This should make you more conscious of Now.

Why would you not want to be in the Now – after all that is where your Co-Creator and Partner, God, is.

Stay in the Now and enjoy your life as you Let Go and Let God – only in the Now.

So in No. 1 Commitment – you learnt to Trust the Process – your Soul contract.
In No. 2 Commitment – Stay in the Now – you learnt that the Now is all there is – it’s the only place where God is.

In No. 3 you will learn to Be Love.

Trust the Process, Stay in the Now and Be Love – a three part harmony!

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