48. The Three Commitments To Yourself – No.3 Be Love

Your third commitment is to Be Love.

How can you Be Love? Well, you are Love. Let Us explain:

You are Spirit with a Soul in a physical body on earth. Your Soul is part of Spirit. God is Spirit. Spirit is God. God is Love. You are a Part of God. You are Love.

Q.E.D.!Questions Educate Doubters!

Okay, you may ask so exactly where is this Love in me? Well, where is your Soul in you? It’s not like an organ such as your heart, lungs or kidneys. It’s not a hard mass like your ribs, spine or femur. It’s not a liquid like your blood. It’s not a solid, liquid or gas.

Love Is.

Love is not found physically. Why not? Because Love is a feeling! Feelings are the language of the Soul. Love is a feeling. It is all around your physical body, inside and outside.

What a feeling! When you experience love, the feeling is blissful – like no other feeling you have ever experienced. So how do you access this feeling of love?

You start by being vulnerable. You allow your defenses to crumble. You don’t hold anything back. You expose yourself, your feelings, your emotions; you “let it all hang out!”

You trust the other person with every intimacy, every sacredness, every secret. You show this vulnerability, this underbelly, this complete exposure in total trust.

The other person now gives themselves permission to follow your lead and allow the Love inside of them to come out from where it was hiding behind its defenses. The other person allows their defenses to crumble. They don’t hold anything back. They expose themselves, they expose their feelings, their emotions, they “let it all hang out!”.

The other person starts to trust you with every intimacy, every sacredness, every secret. They show you their vulnerability, their underbelly, their complete exposure in total trust of you.

Your vulnerability allowed you to drop your EGOEdging God Out- which diminished to nothing. Your vulnerability allowed Soul to replace Ego (Moving from Ego to Soul – Lesson 27).

Your Soul is the Part of God that You Are. By allowing your Soul to replace your Ego, you are allowing God into your life. God is Love. You are allowing Love into your life. Not Ego-based love but Soul-based Love.

This love, coming from your Soul, from God, is the Unconditional Love Inside of You (Everything You Need Is Inside Of You – Lesson 15). When you experience this Love then you Become Love.

Now that you are Love, you can Be Love. You can Be Love in friendship, in trust and in intimacy.

Simply Be Love, in every thought, in every mood, in every action. Approach every situation with “What Would Love Do Now?” In this way you will attract worthy people and situations into your Sacred Space.

In this Sacred Space you can experience BLISSBeing Love In Sacred Space.

By Being Love, you can Be Love, Be Loved and become Beloved.

This Soul-based Love creates synergy 1+1=3. All We are, you included, is energy. So when your love energy and another worthy person’s love energy combine, you jointly create a third energy, your Love Energy Relationship. You have your own Unconditional Love inside of you, your friend or partner has their own Unconditional Love inside of them and together you both have created a new Unconditional Love Energy – your relationship, whether in friendship or in intimacy as well.

If for any reason whatsoever one of the two of you should no longer be in this relationship, you will still have your Unconditional Love Inside of You – undiminished.

It’s only the third Love Energy, your relationship Love Energy that is no longer there. You are still coming from Soul, the Part of God that You Are. You are still Being Love, you are still thinking, saying and acting “What Would Love Do Now?”

For whatever reason your loving friend or partner is no longer there and your loving relationship needs “two to tango”. But you are still “Being Love”.

This is why Soul-based Love remains undiminished and you remain worthy. You remain the Part of God you Eternally Are; you remain Love because God is Love. This particular love relationship of friendship or intimacy may be gone, for whatever reason, but you remain Being Love.

In Ego-based Love, where control, manipulation and fear rule, when the relationship eventually fails, as it must as love is not present, then self-worthiness, which was based on Ego and pride, take a beating and unworthiness returns. Well it does not return because in reality unworthiness was always there, however, Ego simply camouflaged it to make it appear worthy. The re-emergence of unworthiness shows you it was never Love, simply dependency, control, manipulation and fear dressed up to look like love. How can it be love if it hurts somebody else and hurts you?

Love is part of God. Why would God, who is Love, want to hurt anyone or anything: A God of Love is simply that – Love – not fear, not control, not manipulation, not dependency?

So you can understand that only Soul-based Love is real love of worthiness. Any other kind of “love” is Ego-based and is based on unworthiness and cannot survive. In Soul-based Love you are always worthy because you are a Part of God and God is the Ultimate in Worthiness – WORTHYWonder Of Realizing The Higher You.

In Soul-based Love even if your relationship should terminate, for whatever reason, you remain Being Love. In this state you Trust the Process, Stay in the Now and Be Love.

By having these three commitments to yourself you allow God to provide your needs for you when God deems the timing to be right. The timing is always right!

If you need another friend or intimate partner to develop a love relationship with, then TRUSTTo Release Unto Spirit Totally and To Rely Unto Spirit Totally and if a worthy person enters you Sacred Space then you will know BLISSBeing Love In Sacred Space.

If no worthy partner arrives then Trust the Process, Stay in the Now and Be Love, nevertheless. Perhaps you need now to find the Unconditional Love inside yourself at a deeper level first so you can Be Love – then expect a MIRACLEMay I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving.

Whatever happens, whenever it happens, however it happens, wherever it happens stay fast to the Three Commitments To Yourself:

1. Trust the Process

2. Stay in the Now

3. Be Love

If you do this you will know Bliss eventually. Trust God. Let Go and Let God. God is Love. You are Part of God. You are Love.

Be Love and you will know Being in Love, Being Beloved, by Being Love – Always and All Ways.

Be Love – that’s Who You Really Are!

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