46. The Three Commitments To Yourself – No.1 Trust In The Process

If you have read, and attempted to apply, the previous 45 lessons then you have graduated to the next level.

You have then earned the right to learn, and hopefully apply, the three commitments to yourself. These three commitments are a summation of what you have read so far:

Commitment No. 1 – Trust the Process
Commitment No. 2 – Stay in the Now
Commitment No. 3 – Be Love


There is no such thing as an accident. There is no such thing as co-incidence. Things do not happen by chance. It just might appear that way. Before you came to this place, you know as earth, you were a Spirit on another plane of existence, which you people on earth call heaven.

On this plane of existence you call heaven Spirits exist. From this plane of existence periodic visits are made, as a Spirit, to earth.

We do not want to explain this in any great detail here, however, suffice to say, you as a Spirit, make a Soul contract, to occupy a chosen physical body, within a chosen group of other physical bodies, each housing Spirits, to heal, grow and evolve as a Soul.

This Soul contract is made in interconnected ways with other Souls. Each Soul, as part of Spirit, has to experience different things to enable Spirit, ultimately God, to have each and every experience. This way God can become God by experiencing and being Every Thing, Every Where, Every How, Every Who and Every When.

(See what happens when you graduate, you go to another level and right now, like a student in a new class, you may be confused. Please stay the course and it should become clearer.)

So you as a Soul, coming from Spirit, coming from God, now occupy a physical body on earth. In your Soul contract with many other Souls, you chose your parents, your siblings, your extended family, your place of residence, your family’s financial position, your individual family members’ personality traits, health conditions, etc., etc.

When you came to earth as a baby you came without the conscious memory of your Soul contract. This is where free will comes into play. Although the Soul contract is supposed to be played out for your healing, growth and evolvement as a Soul, you are a human being, being a Soul within a physical body, and you can negate that Soul contract by your free will. If you make a decision, such as suicide, when suicide was not, in this Soul contract, part of the contract, then you return to Spirit and eventually return once more to earth to re-play out the original Soul contract.

Sometimes suicide is part of the Soul contract. For example, a spouse committing suicide, or having a fatal “accident”, could be a Soul contract with the remaining spouse and children to learn how to handle additional responsibilities for their healing, growth and evolvement.

Your Soul contract is intertwined with other Soul contracts to create a network of opportunities for the various Souls to experience things for their healing, growth and evolvement.

A cheating spouse, a rapist, a murderer, a fraudster, a thief, etc., etc., etc., are all playing out their agreed to roles in terms of their Soul contracts as is a pious person, a “do gooder”, Mother Theresa, a hero or heroine, a peacemaker, a wonderful mother, a diligent, honest, hardworking breadwinner, etc., etc., etc.

These Souls are all playing out their agreed to roles in terms of their Soul contracts. Now perhaps it is becoming clearer to you. That is why We say: “DO NOT JUDGE PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY DO OR DO NOT DO.”

Those who you are judging are like actors and actresses in a play or a movie. They, as Souls, are playing out their pre-arranged parts in these Soul contracts.

Look past their physical bodies, look past their deeds and actions as role-players in a Soul contract, look past your judgment of them. Look past all that to see Who They Really Are – They are all Souls, parts of Spirit, parts of God.

Would you judge God, then why judge man who is simply role playing a part, as a Soul, so that God can experience all of it, so God can become God, unlimited God, unlimited Love?

So where does that leave you now? Hopefully with the clearer understanding of your Soul contract and the network of other Soul contracts that you are intertwined with.

Wow, what an earth-shattering experience. Everyone is role playing. It’s all an Illusion. None of this is real.

Yes, We tell you this, this earth plane is all an Illusion, the real “world” exists in Spirit. Earth is Spirit’s theater to play out Soul contracts in the physical so that Souls can learn, heal, grow and evolve via physical experiences.

Do not judge – accept that this is a Process you have chosen, as a Soul contract, to unfold so that you, as a Soul in a physical body, can experience things to learn, heal, grow and evolve as a Soul, ultimately to rejoin Spirit eventually to become the Part of God, You truly Are.

Trust the Process – allow it to unfold, have no fear, know only love:

No.1 – Trust the Process
No.2 – Stay in the Now
No.3 – Be Love

In successive lessons We will expand on No. 2 – Stay in the Now and No. 3 – Be Love.

For now you need to absorb the understanding of Soul contracts and learn to Trust the Process by Staying in the Now and Be Love.

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