3. Denial Of Love

You are Love. If you are not Love then you can only be Fear. So when you are not Love, not loving, you are Fear, being fearful, or full of fear.

Therefore, when we deny love to another for whatever reason, we deny being Who We Really Are Pure Love, the Part of God We Really Are.

When we deny being Love, then we become Fear and fearful.
The result of that Fear is Pain.

The Pain that you become and are experiencing is not because someone denied you love, it is because you denied him or her love in return.

If they denied you love and you did not care, why would you suffer any pain?

If they denied you love and you cared then you have two choices:
Firstly, deny them love in return and feel the pain of becoming Fear, no longer Love, and no longer Who You Really Are.

Secondly, when they deny you their love, you love them back and see if you experience pain. If you are Love then you experience Inner Peace. If you are Fear, you experience pain.

You are Love. If you deny yourself love then you become Fear. The pain that you feel signifies your experience of becoming, and being, fear. The pain is experienced emotionally, spiritually and physically. When you experience pain, it comes because you have separated from being Love, separated from Oneness with God.

When you know the love inside of you, you experience happiness and eventually bliss.

Therefore, the choice is always Love or Fear. Love or the denial of love.

When you close your heart to love, you damage yourself not the other person you are trying to hurt. You are stabbing yourself in your heart. The other person may not even care that they have been denied your love. However, when you no longer become Love, by denying love to others, you deny love to yourself, you become Fear, fearful no longer Love and loving.

When you deny being Who You Really Are Pure Love and you choose to become Fear, and fearful, you will know pain.

The pain that you will know comes from your Ego controlled mind. This pain eventually becomes manifested in your body as illness, sickness, disease. Your denial of love, to others, and then yourself, is the cause of your pain, your illness, your sickness, your disease.

If you want Inner Peace be Who You Really Are Pure Love.
If you deny Who You Really Are by becoming Fear instead of Love you will not know Inner Peace you will know pain, illness sickness and disease.

It is your choice Be Love or Deny Love Love or Fear.

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