What was the greatest joy you ever felt?
Was it your first puppy?
Was it your first kiss?
Was it when you felt safe and loved at your mother’s breast?
Was it feeling safe and loved in your father’s arms?
Was it your graduation day?
Was it your first car?
Was it your wedding day?
Was it when you felt the love, unconditionally, of a parent or a child of yours?
Was it the euphoria of falling in love with your beloved partner?
When you experienced that greatest joy where were you? In the Now, in the future or in the past?

What would you give to feel unconditional Love all day every day?
Would you give your attention to be conscious of this present moment of Now?
Can you learn to shut off any thoughts in your mind of the past and of the future?
Can you stop your EGO (Edging God Out) from making itself important by forcing you into the fear, or hope, of the future by reminding you of the fear or hope you felt in the past, projected into the future.

Can you stay in the present moment of Now?
It takes practice and concerted, deliberate concentration to remain focused to be here Now.
Once you have learnt how to stay in the Now it becomes easier and easier to stay in the Now longer and longer.

Why stay in the Now at all?
Well, you have Ego which controls your mind and you have Soul which connects you to God in Love because God, and you, are Love.
Ego relies on fear to keep you under its control.
Ego and fear can only live in the past or in the future.

The Soul, God, Love only exists in the Now.
Now is all there is.
The next second in time will see one or more people pass on from this earth plane and return to Spirit, leaving their earthly body behind. For those people the next moment of Now will never exist on the Earth Plane.

Now is all there is.
You can never do something “just now”.
You can only do something in the present moment of Now.

Worried about a test, a result, something yet to happen?
Is it happening now?
No, well then it’s too soon to panic!

By focusing and thinking, acting, saying and doing things in the Now, enables you to maintain total focus and concentration and putting all your considerable energy in the Now.

By staying in the Now you are learning to TRUST (To Release Unto Spirit Totally and then To Rely Upon Spirit Totally).
By trusting God to give you what you need, when you need it for the growth of your Soul.
You are trusting God’s timing
By trusting the process to unfold as it should
By staying in the Now
You can be Love because in the Now is the only place you can connect to God, and God is Love so Now you can be Love.
You can only know Love, be Love and be beloved in the Now
Because the only place God is, is in the Now, it’s the only time there is.
The past moment of Now is a memory and the future moment of Now is a hope, dream or fear.
The only time there is, is Now.
The only place God can be is in the Now
As it’s the only time there is.

So, for you to know the unconditional Love of God
The deepest Love you will ever know.
You have to stay in the Now and TRUST God to give you what you need (not want).
At this moment of Now you will feel God’s presence, God’s Love guiding you
In this moment of Now as you learn to TRUST God and feel God’s unconditional Love inside of you.
You will know Bliss forever more.

Stay in the Now, in every present moment of Now
To know and feel God’s Love inside of you.

Welcome home my Beloved.
I Love you!

(P.S. For an explanation of why We signed on behalf of God please see the next lesson – “Do You Believe You are Part of God?”)

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