Action, Adaptable, Clairvoyant, Communicator, Opportunities, Survival, Stillness

Action: When required to act to avoid imminent danger an antelope has strength of mind, heart, mental agility, quick-wittedness and physical speed to survive in the harshest of environments, leaping over obstacles in its path. These qualities will make you agile in mind and body.

Adaptable: The antelope has evolved to survive in different environments. It can obtain all its water needs from plants replenishing itself in all environments. Your survival instincts will be well developed.

Clairvoyant: With its acute sensitivity and its ability to communicate, the antelope has clairvoyant tendencies.

Communicates: The antelope has strong powers of communication, which is dynamic. It signals its intentions, especially of imminent danger, by raising the white patch on its rump for all to see. Have you found out how you communicate non-verbally? Does it serve you well?

Opportunities: The female antelope usually have twins, giving birth to them in two different places. Two different avenues emerge to create new opportunities.

Survival: Acute sensitivity of danger through strong vision, a strong sense of smell and a strong sense of hearing. What are your survival instincts?

Stillness: – Silent and will freeze when potentially threatened. This stillness will allow it to be camouflaged by its environment. Have you discovered how to avoid dangerous situations in your life?

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