37. Who Is It You Can’t Trust?


My ex-husband proved untrustworthy and now I don’t know if I can trust my boyfriend.

Suggested Solution

Can you trust your sister? Mostly but not completely.

Can you trust your mother? No, she is selfish and self-centered.

Can you trust your father? No, I loved him but he took his own life.

Please allow Us to have an AHA! moment.

When your father took his own life how did that make you feel about trusting people?

I felt if I can’t trust my father to be there for me who can I trust?

So with your belief that you would always be let down and not be able to trust anyone how have your choices in trust relationships gone?

Not very well! I fell pregnant and my fiancĂ©e asked if “it” was his! Damn cheek, who does he think I am! He then married me after our child was born. He struggled financially, I helped him with his business. He went “public” with his company, told me to stay at home and look after our son. He was worth mega-millions, we lived in a fancy home, with fancy cars, and all the trimmings. I never saw him, he was now “Mr Big”. Then through his ego and mismanagement he went “belly-up” and ended up insolvent. We moved to a one bedroom rented apartment, I went out to work, I faced his creditors and he left the country to try and make a living elsewhere. He carried on with other women, our marriage crumbled and I have had to make it on my own looking after my son.

My new boyfriend, a medical man, is emotionally distant and my feelings of possible mistrust are nagging away at me.

Thank you for your honesty and candour. It is refreshing to have people tell the truth that We can see anyway.

As you can probably see by now, your mistrust of your father has made you suspicious of any man’s motives. You don’t even trust a man in your life right now, a co-worker, with whom you have shared your most intimate relationship secrets and he has trusted you with his intimate relationship secrets. The two of you have developed a platonic relationship most women dream about having with a special man. However, even him you don’t fully trust!

Your issue is not with trusting other men, or women for that matter, it is about trusting you. You have allowed your father’s death many years ago to affect you to this very day.

If you only knew how much your father regrets his actions as they have poisoned you and your life to date.

Your father wishes you to forgive him because you cannot possibly know why he did what he did. There is a much Bigger Picture at play here, not simply your father taking his own life prematurely. We ask you to trust that your father committed a courageous act in taking his own life. He did not desert you without a very good reason. It’s time your stopped poisoning yourself with self-doubt about trust. Please trust Us when we say your father courageously took his own life, if you knew the reason why you would be very proud of him. You would then know that lack of trust is the opposite of what he did.

Start right now by honouring and trusting that your father’s last action on earth was very courageous. Honour that courage by learning to trust men, and women for that matter, learn to trust that they mean you only good, no harm. Believe it!

We will give you a glimpse at the Bigger Picture operating here. Your father, acting in your best interests, has sent you your co-worker with his strong platonic friendship and recently sent you a “medicine man” to help heal you. Your lack of trust in their honest intentions is blocking your healing.

Let Go and Let God!

Learn to trust the men in your life, change your belief system to one of TRUSTTo Release Unto Spirit Totally and then To Rely Unto Spirit Totally.

Learn to trust that God will give you what you need (not want!) and the timing will always be perfect.

Start trusting yourself, then trust Spirit, then trust men knowing you can trust your intuition about which men to trust.

Respect, Trust, Love is all you need.

You will know if you receive that from those you trust.

Trust the Process – Trust Spirit.

Stay in the Now.

And Be Love, especially to yourself.

Now you can trust yourself!

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