36. Not Enough Money


I am married with two young children. I am not making enough money as a self-employed person to adequately support my children and am concerned as to how I can give them a better financial future.

Suggested Solution

There are numerous solutions to making more money, however, one that is paramount is your intention with regard to making money.

If your intention is to make a mountain of money you probably won’t! If your intention is to provide a product or service to the best of your ability so that your clients or customers can benefit substantially then your chances of success increase meaningfully.

If your intention is to ignore your need for money, provide exceptional products and services, go the extra mile to give your clients and customers amazing value for money through exceptional service then your chances of success are guaranteed.

Don’t focus on your need for money, focus on providing exceptional products and services at very good value for money, thereafter making sufficient money for your growing family’s needs will no longer be your concern.

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