35. Respect And Reverence For Age

AGEAlways Growing Evolving

Who does not want to always grow and evolve?

Those who do not want to grow and evolve – those who are satisfied with where they are now – to those people, We wish you well.

Those who do wish to AGE – Always Growing Evolving, you have chosen to be conscious about your journey of self-discovery towards worthiness. That is the reason you are reading this right now.

We congratulate you on your AGEAlways Growing Evolving. Whatever you birth certificate says about your age, it is only a number, that is not your AGE, that is the number of times you have celebrated the anniversary of your birth.

How important is your age to you? Some people are old at 25 and some people are young at 95. Age is only an attitude – your attitude towards your age and other people’s attitude toward your age.

If a young person at age 20 lounges around all day without contributing anything positive to his life or to society he may be called, unfriendly by some, an “oxygen thief”.

If a man celebrating his 100th birthday attempts to beat “the 100 yards in 2 minutes” barrier, he is using a lot of oxygen in praise of his life. Who is old – the 20 year old or the 100 year old?

In certain societies on earth, old age is revered and respected. There are other societies who turn their back on old age people hoping they will go off and die quietly without causing too much fuss and bother!

Every person who avoids “accidents of whatsoever nature” grows old in time. If that person was a parent, he or she worked hard to provide for their children. They had sleepless nights caring for them when their children were ill, changed them and their diapers, fed them, clothed them, bathed them, put them to sleep, watched over them to make sure they fell asleep peacefully, and came running in the middle of the night if they cried out, soothed them, treated them with respect and gave them love.

These parents provided love, material possessions and time to their children for up to 25 years. Surely, according to the Law of Balance, and so many other Universal Spirit Laws, there should be willingness out of love, let alone an obligation, possibly out of fear, to give back to these parents what the children received from them.

As a child, if you adopted this attitude of gratefulness and graciousness looking after your parent, or parents, as they looked after you, would you not expect your children to follow this example and to look after you in gratefulness and graciousness.

You should do it because you want to, out of love, respect and reverence for your parents. You should expect it from your children out of their love, respect and reverence for you, providing you also gave them love, respect and reverence.

People, who have the benefit of AGEAlways Growing Evolving, are the ones who give, love, respect and reverence to their children and to their parents. People who have the benefit of AGEAlways Growing Evolving – can expect to receive love, respect and reverence from their children throughout their lives. These people can also glow in the light of love, respect and reverence they receive from their parent, or parents.

People with AGEAlways Growing Evolving – can have celebrated many, many anniversaries of their birthday. The number of these birthday anniversaries, whether they are 3, 30, 60, 90, or more only have relevance to determine how old they are – not their AGEAlways Growing Evolving.

OLD is to acknowledged and respected. AGEAlways Growing Evolving – is to be loved, respected and revered.

So an “older” person who has continually practiced being – Always Growing Evolving – for 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 anniversaries of their birth date can be looked up to in awe, respect, love and reverence for the number of days that they have been practicing how to be Always Growing Evolving.

Their AGE should be loved and embraced instead of being dismissed as “old age”, which is generally feared. People with AGE should be listened to, reverently, for the wisdom they have acquired, for the joys, and sorrows they have experienced and they should be valued for the experiences of life’s journey they have to share with those who want to listen and learn.

People with AGE are never “old”, because “old” implies to be “put up with”, no longer required or to be replaced with something new.

People with AGEAlways Growing Evolving – should be respected, revered and loved for they are never “old”.

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