35. Searching For Love In All The Wrong Places


I always end up getting hurt when I think I have found love.

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LOVELet Our Vibrations Evolve

LOVELet Our Vulnerability Emerge

Thinking you have found love and knowing you have found love are two very different feelings.

Thinking you have found love is coming from Ego.

Knowing you have found love is coming from Soul.

When your Ego drives you, you will invariably get hurt in most things you do. When your Soul drives you, you will know love because your Soul is love.

Your Soul is Part of God, God is love, your Soul is love.

When you come from Soul, from love, you experience love.

Feelings are the language of your Soul.

When you were born your mother looked at you with such love and you felt that love. That mother love is Soul love. There is no unconditional love such as a mother feels for her new born baby. You have experienced Soul love – from your mother.

As you grew, you went on your journey and you came across people along the way. Your need to feel this unconditional love, such as that which you experienced from your mother, has been your unconscious motivating factor. Your Ego based decisions of need to achieve, to develop physically, to develop your mind are all based on your need for recognition – to be noticed, so you can be admired, respected and, hopefully, loved for who you are and what you have done or are going to do someday.

At Ego level it is what you have done? At Soul level it is how you have done it?

Your continual search for your feeling the need for love like your mother’s unconditional love of you has taken you to some weird, wonderful, and not such wonderful, places and people.

Looking for love from others is invariably not love but dependency. They depend on you, you depend on them and sometimes love grows.

The only place you will find the unconditional love you seek is inside of you. As We have spelt out in the Book of Evolving Relationships – Everything You Need Is Inside of You – you can fall in love with your Soul inside of you and now know pure unconditional love.

Only when you have found the unconditional love inside of you can you stop searching for love in all the wrong places. To begin with anywhere but inside of you is the wrong place.

Once you have found the unconditional love inside of you, you can now look for someone, equally worthy, who has also found the unconditional love inside of them. Now you can have an interdependent love relationship. Not dependant, not independent but interdependent.

The synergy created by two people who are in unconditional love of themselves is a joy to behold as their love-bond grows as a third interdependent energy – their love relationship.

So when you look for love, look and establish the unconditional love inside of yourself first, before looking elsewhere.

Your mother would be proud of you!

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