34. Courage To Stand In Your Integrity


To find the courage, the inner strength, to say, “This is not acceptable to me!”

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Abuse in any form whatsoever is not acceptable. Whether this abuse is perceived to be minor, such as, no respect shown by one person to another or major, such as physical, or sexual, abuse where one person severely injures another it is important to find the courage to stand in your integrity and state “This is not acceptable to me!”

COURAGEConfidently Overcoming UnRighteousness Always Growing Evolving

No matter that you may be derided, or laughed at, continually state “This is not acceptable to me!”

People dishing out the abuse must always be known as bullies. Bullies operate out of fear not out of love.

Bullies operating out of fear, believe it or not, require love. They have known rejection of love or not known love at all. They really seek love but as they are ruled by fear, they only know how to operate from fear.

If love is shown to a bully and you can get beyond the tough exterior created by fear as a protective measure, then a bully can stop the abuse. If you can crack the tough exterior, you will find a frightened person living inside the bully. That frightened person needs love more than you would ever believe.

Start by having the courage to stand in your integrity and say, “This is not acceptable to me!” By standing in your integrity, you already shake up the bully who is expecting you to crumble under the abuse.

By standing in your integrity, you are already showing the bully abusing you that they are not standing in their integrity. They are already on weak ground. Do not threaten the bully, rather appeal to the decency inside of them. Beyond the tough exterior lives a very scared person. Keep talking to the scared, frightened person inside of the bully. Do not focus on the threat of abuse, focus instead on appealing to the scared, frightened person inside the bully. Show love to the bully by being courageous.

I know that you are physically stronger than me and you can hurt my body with your superior strength. However, I am a Spirit, a Part of God is inside my body. Do you really want to attack God by attempting to show your superior strength by attacking a Part of God. What will you achieve by attacking a Part of God?

The Part of God that is inside of me wants you to know that I know you are hurting. That I know all you really want is to be loved. You are trying to get that love by imposing fear. That is like trying to put out a raging fire with fire when you should be using water.

Inside of you is a raging fire of unhappiness and discontent. Please allow me to come from love and use the healing power of love, in this case water, to help you put out the angry fire inside of you.

I forgive you for hurting me but now allow me to help you replace your fear with love. You believe it or not, are a Part of God; inside you is a Soul that is part of Spirit, Part of God. God is Love and, believe it or not, you are Love. Allow me to show you the love inside of me by acknowledging the love inside of you.

By me saying, “This is not acceptable to me!” you can now understand that your fear was creating that abuse. You are no longer fear, you are love. Love is all there is. We are all One together. God is Love, you are Part of God, you are Love.

Come from love and you will see that what you wanted to do to me does not serve you anymore. Open your heart to the love you really are. The word for heart in French means courage. Have the courage to come from love not from fear. If you come from love, you will know love. Then you will know all you have ever wanted is to be loved.

COURAGEConfidently Overcoming UnRighteousness Always Growing Evolving

The healing power of love will save you from being controlled by fear.

Welcome to the world of love!

Have courage and stand in your new-found integrity.

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