34. The Little Bubble

Welcome little bubbles. Each one of you on the earth’s plane came into this place alone and each of you will leave alone.

You are a little bubble. What you put in your bubble will depend on the choices that you make. Clear, pristine, neat bubbles or dirty, untidy, rubbish strewn bubbles are the reflection of the choices made.

CHOICECourageously Helping One In Choosing Evolvement

Choices made in consciousness of your being part of God or choices made in unconscious reactions to selfish needs of instant gratification will determine how your bubble looks, and operates.

Some bubbles cluttered with uncleared debris of choices bump along the ground, knocking into other ground-hugging bubbles also struggling along with uncleared debris of previous choices.

The more pristine bubbles appear to effortlessly fly, at will, up above the clouds in majestic glory.

When a bubble finds other bubbles to join, they become “atom-like” in their structures. Bubbles connecting to other bubbles, create family-type structures. Bubbles connecting to other bubbles like the structure of a beehive, in work frenzied activity. Bubbles connecting to each other, in pairs, on moonlit nights. Bubbles connecting to thousands of other bubbles in group like activities, such as, sports matches, wars, peace rallies.

Bubbles move around to create energy with others. When one or more bubbles join each other and, providing they are in sync with each other, then synergy results. This one plus one equals three form of synergy might be for perceived “good” or “bad” activities. These are some of the choices made in consciousness or unconsciousness.

At any given time each bubble can be changed by conscious or unconscious choices. Dirty bubbles can be made pristine, pristine bubbles can be made dirty.

A bubble co-joining with other bubbles in atom-like structures selects that positioning for a reason. The need to create family-type structures, work-like structures, play-type structures, romantic-type structures, or individual-type structures all depends on the needs and wants of a bubble.

Remembering previous lessons, needs come from Soul and wants come from Ego.

When that bubble has needs or wants to join, or leave, an atom-like structure they make choices, consciously or unconsciously. Consciously, implies coming from Soul, unconsciously implies coming from Ego.

Perhaps a bubble wants to join a family or a work group or a play group, and then its conscious or unconscious choices will determine its level of pristineness or dirtiness.

Perhaps a bubble wants to leave a family, or a work group or a play group, and then its conscious and unconscious choices will determine its level of pristineness or dirtiness.

The one constant is CHANGEClearing Healing And New Gifts Emerging. A bubble will change from one group to another as it grows and evolves. Staying with a familiar group of bubbles may be comforting but it takes courage to leave the familiar and travel into the unknown. However, opportunities for growth and evolvement are in the unknown, the uncertainty, the insecurity. The known has known, limited, opportunities for healing, growth and evolvement. The unknown, the uncertainty, the insecurity has unlimited opportunities for healing, growth and evolvement.

Leaving the comfort zone of the familiar, the family, the known group, takes courage and commitment – oh but what growth awaits you!

When change occurs and the little bubble chooses to, or is forced to, move from the familiar to the unfamiliar only one thing is relevant. The freedom to choose its attitude. ATTITUDEApproaching The Tasks I Thank U Deity Everytime.

If the choice of attitude is conscious then it is a choice of love and gain. If the choice of attitude is unconscious then it is a choice of fear and loss.

LOVELet Our Vibrations Evolve and GAINGod And I Now

FEARFalse Evidence Appearing Real and LOSSLeaving Our Self Sad

Change is inevitable for every little bubble. If the change is accompanied with an attitude made in consciousness then the Clearing Healing And New Gifts Emerging can be new gifts emerging sought for enthusiastically in love and gain.

When change is anticipated in love and gain, then fear is absent and no loss is envisaged, only gain. Then change is opportunistic and healing, growth and evolvement is guaranteed.

Therefore, every little bubble can know that it will always be changing from the familiar to the unfamiliar. If this change is accompanied by a conscious attitude of love and gain, then healing, growth and evolvement is assured.

In this way age can be respected and revered. Currently, in the earth’s plane in many societies age is seen as something to dread as in “old age”. However, in certain societies, age is respected and revered. It is in these societies that they understand the acronym for AGEAlways Growing Evolving.

So little bubble, knowing you came into the earth’s plane alone and knowing you will be leaving alone, look forward to your continual journey embracing continual change with other little bubbles, with an attitude of love and gain, for your healing, growth and evolvement.

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