33. Happy Birthday! Would You Like Some Presents?

It’s your birthday, many happy returns of this special day.

How old are you today?
Is that number worrying you?

Would you like a present? How about picking an age you would like to be?
Here is your first present – without gift wrap!

If you did not know how old you are today, how old would you like to be?

Forget about your recorded date of birth, that is simply a number. How old, realistically, would you be if you were honest with yourself? If you are say 50, would you like to be, say 35? If you are 75 would you like to be 55? If you are 30, would you like to be 21 again? If you are 30 would you like to be 40? (Thought We would ask, just in case!)

If you did not know how old you are, how old would you be?

What then is stopping you from being that age, your realistically preferred age?

If you are 50 let’s say your realistically preferred age is 35. Can you be 35? Can you dress, act, speak, live like a 35 year old? Can you think like a 35 year old? Can you be 35 again?

Well do it – that’s that then!

Did you like your present?

Now that you are your realistically preferred age, what would you change about yourself? Any people in your life now that you would prefer to no longer associate with? Poof – all gone! What’s preventing you from making them go?

After all the previous lessons you have read, you know you can’t change them, at best you can only change You by coming from Soul, from love.

Well, if you are really happy where you are, and they are still in your space and you feel uncomfortable about that, you have two choices.

Firstly, go through the “mirror thing” and see what it is that they represent to you, about you.

Alternatively, if you have decided that it’s enough growth for a while, you simply want to kick off your “growth” shoes and put your feet up on the coffee table and relax, so be it.

Then it’s time to tell them to go out of your life!

That’s your next birthday present.

But don’t worry they, or someone similar, will be back in your life, holding up a mirror, at some stage. You can deal with it then but for now, you probably need a break.

Give yourself another birthday present – give yourself a break – you deserve it, it’s been hard work, working on yourself.

Anyway, this is a journey of self-discovery; it’s a long distance marathon through eternity. It is not trying to break 10 seconds for the 100 yards sprint or breaking the four minute mile barrier.

Like another birthday present?

Okay then, know that if you don’t get it “right” this time around, you can visit the earth plane again and again, and again. Cut yourself some slack, it’s okay to leave things undone, not every post has to be the winning post! Put your feet up, relax, breathe, and enjoy yourself.

After all, you are now 35 years old; you have gained an extra 15 years a few short minutes ago. So take it easy on yourself, and on others. Give everyone a break!

So give yourself permission to stop and smell the flowers – that’s another present.

Would you like to see all your birthday gifts one more time?

Your first present was – If you did not know how old you are, how old would you be?

Second present was taking 15 years off your age by giving yourself permission to think, act and be 15 years younger. Third present was removing people that irritate you out of your life. Fourth present was giving yourself a break. The fifth present was acknowledging that you can leave things undone. You have eternity to come back here again, and again, and again to get your karmic debts balanced. Sixth present is giving yourself permission to stop and smell the flowers – the world is not going to fall apart, not just yet!

So it’s still your birthday – feeling better about it now?
We hope you enjoy all your new presents you have given yourself.

Want two more for the road?

BIRTHBefore I Reach The Heavens

AGEAlways Growing Evolving

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