33. Moving Away From Jealousy

Being jealous of someone is probably one of the most damaging things you can do to yourself. This jealousy, this anger, this resentment, simply inflames you with self-pity, self-hate, self-damage, self-poisoning.

Being jealous of someone else having something, or someone, means you do not feel worthy of yourself. If they have something you want and you cannot have it, or get it, and this inflames your Ego to feel jealous, you feel inferior, damaged, lacking in selfworth.

Of course the other person you are jealous of is most likely not even aware you are jealous of them in anyway whatsoever. It is like you are in a padded cell banging your head against the wall, in self-inflicting damage, and no one even knows you are there!

Jealousy is like swallowing poison. Would you deliberately swallow dangerous poison putting your health and life at risk? Why get jealous then?

If you can move from jealousy, initially, to envy this is a good first move. Envy, whilst still fear based, still enables you to have some self-worth while being envious of someone, or something else, wishing you had it instead.

What do you need it for anyway? How much would your life improve if you get that which you envy others for? What would it cost you in non-monetary terms to get that person or object or experience? If you elevated yourself to become that person or drive that car, for example, what imbalance would it bring to the things that are meaningful in your life right now? How would your current relationships be affected? How would your expectations and others expectations of you, and Who You Really Are, be affected by acquiring some desirable person or object? How long would you be comfortable with that person or object in your sacred space that currently exists? Is the non-financial price you have to pay worth it? Do you really need it, or want it, or is it simply knowing that you can get it that is the real need?

To help you here, imagine that you have what you enviously desire right now in your life. Live as if, whatever you are envious of, is now in your possession. Go through all the thoughts, emotions and motions, as if it was real and not illusionary. Carry these thoughts, emotions and motions forward with you in the hours, days and weeks ahead. Live as if until you have eradicated this need from your life. After a while, you will feel how unnecessary this need is in your life. If you carry this mental exercise of envy and satisfaction through to its conclusion, you will experience the saying: Be careful what you wish for, it may just come true! Your Ego told you to be envious because you needed and deserved it. Soon you will realize that you did not. Soon you will realize Everything You Need Is Inside Of You (Book of Evolving Relationships Lesson 15)

Moving from envy to admiration is the next step. If you admire someone or something then you stand in your integrity, in your self-worth, without a need or a want, and admire someone else, or something else, for its beauty or achievement.

By doing this, you are coming from Love, from Soul, from Oneness. In this Oneness you recognize that the person, object or feeling, you admire so much is actually part of you, and you are part of it, in your Oneness together. You are admiring you in your Oneness!

When you are feeling separate from God, from Spirit, from others, in your Fear you can become jealous or envious.

When you are feeling Love, Soul, Spirit, God, Oneness in your love you admire something or someone, and can own that feeling in your self-worth and unconditional self-love inside of you. By owning the feeling of admiration, you are admiring your Oneness with everything, especially that person, object or feeling you admire so much.

ADMIRE Always Deciding Making It Respectful Emotionally

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