32. Confusing Loyalty With Integrity

It is admirable to be loyal in a relationship, whether this relationship is one of marriage, or friendship, or family, or community, or employer, or employee, or personal, or business, or social, etc.

Loyalty is an important ingredient of trust to ensure the continual success of a relationship.

However, if one or more parties that you are in a relationship with are involved, in any way whatsoever, with matters that do not match your level of integrity then you have an obligation to bring this matter to their notice.

Their reaction or response to your approach will determine their concept of integrity, as well as their loyalty to maintaining your relationship at your expected level of integrity.

If your assumptions and facts about them are proved correct then they have three choices:

i)Correct the matters you have highlighted thereby restoring your relationships previous level of integrity.

ii)Doing nothing and carry on as before.

iii)Deliberately choose not to correct matters you have highlighted thereby unbalancing the integrity of your relationship.

If they do i) then your existing relationship with them will be strengthened by their increased respect for you, via your approach to them, as well as your increased respect for them in correcting matters concerning you.

If they do ii) or iii) then you have a choice: either carry on as before or distance yourself from the relationship to avoid being contaminated by integrity lower than your accepted level of integrity.

If you carry on as before then you are compromising your levels of integrity, substituting loyalty to your relationship with them, in exchange for loyalty to yourself, by no longer maintaining your previous higher levels of integrity.

You are choosing the fear of loss of this relationship over the increased gain of love of yourself in maintaining loyalty to your integrity.

If you confuse your loyalty to your relationship with another with your loyalty of integrity to yourself then you have allowed the other person or people to contaminate you with their decrease in moral behaviour.

Once that door has been opened subsequent remissions in not acceptable behaviour can enter your life more freely now.

If you can decide not to compromise your integrity and state that this behaviour of reduced morals is not acceptable to you then, depending on what reactions or responses are forthcoming from the other person, or people, in your relationship, will determine how far you distance yourself from this relationship.

By standing in your integrity, you will appreciate that your loyalty may have been misplaced in the other person, or people, in that relationship. By maintaining your integrity, people with lesser morals will no longer be attracted to you and you will attain relationships with people who have your level of integrity.

Birds of a feather flock together will eventuate.

Your primary loyalty is to yourself standing in your integrity.

By not confusing loyalty to others with integrity to yourself will enable you to be the best person that you can be. Your Soul will predominate over your Ego. Love of yourself will triumph over fear of loss of a relationship.

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