32. Is Your Spouse A Devil Or An Angel

Oh, what a usual tale is about to unfold before you with an unusual ending.

A wife, in her late thirties, is bereft. Her husband is pushing 40, has found a younger lover and left her and her children to live with this younger woman.

The wife is angry and resentful. “I gave him the best years of my life and now who is going to look after me, who wants a tired looking, almost forty-year old woman? I gave up my promising career to have his children and to make a home for him. I have been out of work for 10 years; I’m not trained for anything. I have been dumped emotionally, physically and financially. It’s just not fair!”

I’m going to the best lawyer there is. I’m going to make him suffer. He thinks he can do this to me, just wait and see what I do to him! I’m going to bring him to his knees. I’m going to ruin him. Let him beg me to come back and then watch where I’m going to kick him!”

Wow, that’s some anger there!

“Of course, why shouldn’t I be angry, he is a devil and he is going to get it from me!”

Would you ease up a bit so We can show you the “Bigger Picture” here?

“Well, I’ve read some of your other lessons, so I am prepared to listen.”

Thank you, it pleases Us that you are prepared to listen because, if you give Us the time, We will show you how your attitude can change and your husband, the devil, can become your ex-husband, the Angel.

“That I would love to see – You obviously don’t know him like I do!”

Oh, We know him a lot better than you think because We have been with him since he was born, as We have with you.

Let us start with your intention to damage him financially. Why would you want to do to him what he is already going to do to himself? According to the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Karma your husband, through his actions has dropped a pebble into the water. The ripple effect of this will cause a ripple that will build into a wave, which will develop into a tidal wave. That tidal wave of consequences following his actions, in this case “negative and destructive” actions, will do more damage to him than you could ever possibly do to him yourself.

Of course, if you decided to do “negative and destructive” actions to him, you would also precipitate the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Karma against you, with similar consequences.

Let us show you the unfolding picture here. Your soon to be ex-husband has to provide financially for you and for your children. In addition, his new girlfriend now wants what you have got. Maybe working full day, she can’t be at her best for him, working half-day her income is reduced and she has more leisure time to pamper herself for him but that all costs money. So, he now has two houses to run. His partner in the business is not happy because he is drawing more from the business than his partner to afford the extra expenditure and the business can’t afford all this additional expenditure. The business needs the cash to buy stock in order to stay profitable. While this is taking place, the customers notice that your husband is not so easy-going and friendly as he was before. His need for money starts to impact on his relationships and friendships in his business. He becomes difficult with his customers and they start to go elsewhere for their needs. Business drops off, personal drawings increase, bank overdraft levels are cut, his partner wants out of the business.

Of course, all this financial pressure is making him pretty difficult to be around. His new girlfriend can’t understand why this fun-loving man is suddenly so difficult. He snaps at her, can’t afford to take her out and his sexual performance has taken a dive with all this financial pressure.

Now, what did you want to do to him to make him suffer and bring him to his knees?

If you had, you would also have created a tidal wave for yourself. Why bother, he looks like he is doing enough damage to himself. His health is suffering, his love life is about as exciting as that of a celibate monk, his finances are in the toilet, his emotions are stretched to breaking point, spiritually he has lost the plot completely and his new girlfriend is irritating him. His married friends have disowned him. His single friends find him difficult to be with. His girlfriend’s friends listen to “strange” music and speak a “different” language to him. His own kids have lost respect for him.

So, as you can see by choosing consciously to let him be, by detaching yourself from him, you can let him self-destruct through the consequences of his actions. This is his self- journey; you must respect that and let him be.

However, We can’t understand why you are so upset? It must be that you have forgotten that your soon to be ex-husband and you had a Soul contract made in Spirit before you came to the earth plane.

The contract was – you needed to find your own path, not being dependent on male energy to protect you. You chose an overbearing, protective father, a brother who brought you down because you were an “inferior” woman and you chose a husband who abused you by depriving you of your independence, damaged you financially and mentally, and then broke your heart emotionally. These male energy Soul contract partners have all played their part to bring you to the place you now find yourself in.

Now you are given the opportunity to develop the masculine energy inside of you, without affecting your innate femininity, so you can develop your self-worthiness. You do not need a man in your life to protect and provide for you. You can develop those skills for yourself. You can learn to wire a plug. You can learn to mow the lawn or organize for someone to do it for you. You can learn to protect yourself, to take responsibility for yourself. You can learn a skill, get a proper well-paid job and provide financially for yourself. Your children can look up to you with respect, honor and pride for being their mother and their “father”.

You are multi-faceted; you can do anything you put your mind, heart and Soul into. You can find your independence. You can develop your self-worth. You can develop your self-love. You don’t need a man to complete you. You can become whole and complete yourself.

Now you have this wonderful opportunity to become the Real You. When you have found this “whole new you”, when you know your self-worth and when you have developed unconditional self-love, then you are ready for real love with a real man.

A real man who desires you for the real, whole and complete person you have become. A real man who does not have to put you down to feel better about himself, as your ex-husband did in his insecurities. A real man who can express his tender emotions and show you tender love, respect and honor. In your wholeness, in your new-found light and love, you can find someone worthy of you.

Now is that your soon to be ex-husband, that devil who dumped you? In his insecurities, as he felt himself getting older, he needed to prove to himself, and to his shallow friends, that he could “get” a younger, prettier woman.

Any woman can open her legs but only a worthy woman can open her heart and Soul to healing, growth and evolvement.

Your soon to be ex-husband has given you the opportunity to become a worthy woman. After all, this was your Soul contract with him when you were both Angels in Spirit.

Now you are both Angels in physical bodies on the earth plane – don’t forget.

Thank you my soon to be ex-husband for being the Angel you contracted to be to give me my freedom to find my self-worth, my-self-love, to find the unconditional self-love inside of me as I journey on my own and develop the potential I have inside of me.

I now thank you for being my Angel and for propelling me on this exciting, challenging and somewhat frightening path of self-discovery. I now know that everything I need is inside of me. I now know that I am never alone, I have God, my Guides and my Angels, on earth and in Spirit, to help me.

My soon to be ex-husband, thank you, you have played your part in our Soul contract. I am now detached from you. I no longer need you; I release you in love and in light.

Thank you my Angel, my soon to be ex-husband, for my wings – to fly to discover Who I Really Am – a part of God.

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