31. Lucky To Be In A Wheelchair?


A young woman, a paraplegic in a wheelchair, visited the Channel. She was en route to a medical specialist for her three month pregnancy examination and was anxious. “My life is dogged with such bad luck, I am nervous to find out if anything is wrong with my baby!”

Blessings and Greetings to you all,

Well my dear, you have nothing to fear. FEARFalse Evidence Appearing Real

To start off believe that you are “dogged” by good luck!

LUCKLove Understanding Conscious Knowledge

Let Us start the story before your motor car “accident”. When you were on your feet you spent a lot of time in bars, or “pubs”, as you call them. You were no stranger to alcohol and frequently you were so drunk that you could not remember how you got to where you were and with whom you were with.

Your feelings of unworthiness, stemming from your family background, allowed you to live this lifestyle. Please remember, you selected your parents in a Soul contract.

Very early one morning, as the sun was rising, you stumbled out of a strange bedroom to go home. The copious amount of alcohol you consumed the night before still affected your motor co-ordination and judgment.

You caused your car to roll over and, as you lay trapped inside your overturned vehicle, a man (you later called him an “Angel”) pulled you out of the wreckage of your vehicle and then disappeared. You, and some of the doctors, thought that pulling you out of your car could have severely prejudiced your serious spinal injury. At first, you were angry, frightened, scared, resentful, full of rage, even suicidal when the doctors confirmed paralysis.

After numerous medical procedures, you were eventually dispatched to a rehabilitation facility to cure you of your addiction to alcohol. After much anguish, pain and soul searching, you began to accept your condition – bound to a wheelchair as a paraplegic.

You discovered friends you could trust and lost other “friends” who could not deal with the “new you” – a young woman in a wheelchair.

You discovered that certain people had compassion, empathy, understanding and love for you. Not because of what you could do for them, but for what they wanted to do for you. Your job was protected, held open awaiting your return to the office. There you were embraced by caring, kindness, compassion, empathy, friendship and love. Your work started to give you some meaning and direction in your life as you struggled to adjust to having to rely on others to help you in so many ways you took for granted before.

You decided to study for a university degree, you enrolled, and good marks soon resulted. To afford yourself the opportunity to have a career to fall back on, you also completed a beautician’s course where you excelled to become the top student to graduate in your class and were offered a bursary for further studies.

Your studies helped you in your office job and you received the recognition you deserved, were promoted based on merit and skills, not on sympathy due to your medical condition.

Your social life changed, no more alcohol, and you discovered some friends who felt worthy about themselves. They did not have to hang around in bars, getting drunk. They were proud of who they were and what they had made, and are making of their lives.

This worthiness you started to recognize was also inside of you now.

Your discovery of the Real You, the magnificent person that you really are, your acceptance of your life now and your application to living as a paraplegic made you feel proud of who you have become. The accolades at work, your studies, your friendships, your increasing extra mural activities, the love you started feeling for yourself was mirrored by others in your life.

The way you handled all those setbacks, such as being trapped inside your car when it broke down in heavy traffic with inconsiderate drivers hooting at you. The indignity of being trapped in a toilet for over an hour when your temporary “minder” forgot you were still there. And so on, and so on. You handled each crisis with maturity far beyond your years. You have been an inspiration to many people who work with you, as well as those in your family and social circle.

One day, sitting in a restaurant sipping a non-alcoholic drink a tall, good-looking man caught your eye. Unaware that you were in a wheelchair he seated himself opposite you and started “chatting you up”. The mutual attraction was strong. When it was time to go, he waited for you to stand up and was momentarily taken aback when you wheeled yourself away from the table. He recovered his composure and said “I love you even more.”

Naturally you were skeptical why such a handsome man would want to be with you – you, confined to a wheelchair. In the days and weeks that followed, he pursued you relentlessly, professing love and even talking marriage. You pushed him away not wanting to put your feelings on the line, waiting for him to lose interest in the novelty of dating a girl in a wheelchair.

But he kept coming back, no matter how nasty you were to him. He was now proposing marriage and your relationship with him become more and more intense as time flew by. You weren’t interested in getting married, but you were enjoying the deepening feelings you felt for him and his growing love for you.

After much deliberation, you agreed to make love with him, unlike the sex of your previous lifestyle. Although the doctors insisted that the chances of you having a baby were very slim, a miracle (MIRACLEMay I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving) occurred.

You discovered that you were pregnant!

He loved the idea, you took a while to adjust to this unexpected news, and your friends stood by you and encouraged you with love. Your family had reservations but soon warmed to the idea of being grandparents, uncles and aunties. You planned to move into a home together and to set a wedding date. Your employer was totally supportive, once again keeping your job open and paying you with as much time off for maternity leave as you needed.

You can’t wait to meet this baby, to treasure it in gratitude for the miracle of your life now.

Now, just imagine if you were still in your previous state of unworthiness and you fell pregnant. Perhaps the father could have been one of many possibilities and you would have considered, even sought, an abortion as soon as practically possible.

So, to return to your now “Good Luck”, the acronym for LUCK being “Love Understanding Conscious Knowledge” can now be more fully understood by you.

You have discovered you worthiness in your wheelchair. You have a promising career, your education is progressing with many top marks being recorded, you have the man of your dreams at your side, you have a healthy baby growing inside of you that will be loved and cherished and show you the meaning of love and dependency. You experience real friendship and love for Who You Really are from yourself, your husband-to-be, your family, friends and co-workers. Your health is improving and you have discovered your spiritual nature.

Can you see that no matter how traumatic your accident was, you chose it to manifest. Everything happens for the best – it is only a function of time until you realize it.

God will always give you what you need, when you need it, and you will always be able to handle it, if you learn to TRUSTTo Rely Unto Spirit Totally.

One last question: Are you now ready to go for your three month medical check-up?

Now I’m ready because I am so lucky to be in this wheelchair!

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