30. Hearing With Your Soul

Ego talks. Soul hears. That’s it – end of lesson!

Perhaps you need Us to expand a bit to make it clearer. Well, you have been given two ears to listen with and one mouth to talk through.

You can close your mouth so you can’t speak but you are not physically able to shut your ears, which means you should always be listening.

You can also listen with your eyes. When someone is talking to you, should you decide to look away, for whatever reason, you are no longer listening to them with your eyes and your ears could have a tendency to follow your eyes and not listen properly.

Your body posture, non-verbal communication, also signals whether you are truly listening or not. Slumped shoulders signify a “slumped” attention span, as you may be listening to what is being said, but you are not really hearing the true meaning of the spoken words.

Have you ever observed what you are you doing with your hands or your feet when you are listening to someone who is talking? Picking your teeth and kicking at a spot on the ground hardly constitutes hearing, although you may be listening.

Hearing someone, really hearing someone, may begin with a closed mouth and open ears, but most importantly really hearing what another person is saying to you requires an open Soul.
RESPECTRecognizing Each Soul Politely Ensuring Correct Tribute – is the start of hearing with your Soul.
Hearing with your Soul requires you to not only listen patiently and respectfully, but also that you are not motivated by “scoring Brownie points” by appearing attentive so that you may ultimately gain some advantage over the person who is doing the talking.

Hearing from your Soul means coming from Love – “What would love do now?” When was the last time you really heard from your Soul – respectfully, patiently, coming only from love? – Ever? Last year? Last month? Last week? Yesterday? Today? A few minutes ago?

When is the next time you intend to hear from your Soul?

When you’ve finished reading this? A few minutes afterwards? Sometime today? Tomorrow? This week? This month? This year? Ever?

Think about who in your life needs to be listened to respectfully, in love, hearing from your Soul, right now. Is it your partner in your meaningful relationship, the one who is always busy with something that excludes you? Perhaps really listening to him/her from your Soul will not require them to be so busy, always excluding you, from certain aspects of their lives.

After all, everyone wants to be listened to. Don’t you want to be heard, really heard?

Perhaps your children or siblings, with their loud music blasting through earphones really want to be heard but are sending you signals that they are “too tired” waiting and wanting to be heard – so on go the earphones. Remember the Spirit Law As Within So Without.

Perhaps the nose rings, tattoos, strange hair colors, alien hair-dos, fashionably torn, shabby, baggy clothing, new hybrid cross cultural language, the “cool” approach and the “bad” attitudes are all a huge “neon” sign that shouts: “No one is really hearing me Dude, so I am going to be noticed and get me some attention, one way or the other!”

From there, sexy clothing, alcohol, drugs, sexual promiscuity, unwanted pregnancies, abusive relationships, crime, jail, damaged lives and more subversive behavior could follow this destructive lifestyle.

“If only somebody heard me as I was crying out in my loneliness, trying to express my fears!”

How much time does it actually take to listen to another person – to really hear them from your Soul?

It will surprise you to know this! It only takes one hour to really hear someone from your Soul! Can you believe it? To truly listen respectfully, patiently, coming from love, allowing the other person to trust you, in their vulnerability, to tell you how they honestly feel when all the masks are removed and their deepest emotions are laid bare. What they really, truthfully, want to say that is troubling them deep down inside – only takes one hour!

Imagine taking your camera, shooting off 24-36 pictures of your inner feelings and then going into one of those 1 Hour Photo Shops. You return an hour later with an envelope stuffed full of pictures of your inner-most feelings and desires.

You visit your trusted friend, who listens to you and finally hears you coming from Soul, with as much unconditional love as he/she is able to give.

You go through the pictures of your inner feelings. “See this one, this is how I felt when my father did this or said that to me. See that one, this is how I felt when my favorite dog died and no one saw me upset or even sympathized with me. See this one, I received the first prize in the high school gala and I felt great. Oh, and look at this one, see that one, this one and the other one.”

In an hour, the person doing the talking, the one who really feels that they are being listened to for the first time in their lives by another person who has an influence, a meaning, a place in their life, is finally able to express their vulnerability.

The Spirit Law of Vulnerability explains that vulnerability is your greatest strength.

Bridges of trust are built between the person doing the talking and the person entrusted with listening. Now Soul is hearing while Ego is talking.

When Ego has finished talking, having finally been heard and its fears having been expressed, then this Ego starts to diminish like a balloon does when the air has been let out of it.

When Ego is flat, the person who has been talking non-stop for an hour suddenly recognizes the mirage of their life, the illusions, the false masks they have been wearing. Their Soul, in love, starts to take the place of their Ego, with its fears and insecurities.

They feel respected, honored, validated and understood. They have been recognized for their real inner feelings. They are liberated from their fears. They have found out that in their vulnerability they have found their greatest strength – their Soul – which has been suppressed and bullied by their Ego, forcing them to live in fear. Now, coming from Soul, they can start to know love and, in due course, develop unconditional self-love.

And, all it took was an hour of really listening and really hearing from Soul.

We must explain that while the operation of really hearing from Soul may take only an hour, a lot more time may be needed to be spent with this person, from time to time, as you show them, by really listening, that they can trust you with their inner-most feelings. Initially, as this trust is being formed, they will be scattered in their “chatterings”, occasionally throwing up episodes to shock you either in words, deeds or actions.

Simply allow them to “be”, as explained in the Spirit Law of Allowing. Do not overreact, they have a lot of debris in their thoughts that has been used by their Ego to help them defend or protect themselves. You may identify a lot of attention seeking devices, which needs to be exposed for their healing. Patience, wisdom and respect is needed to allow these “chatterings” to be expended. Do not judge, comment or manipulate. Let it all come out.

Eventually, they will settle down and trust the person who has shown respect, patience and wisdom. Now they will be ready to open up to their inner feelings and trust that person who is hearing from their Soul, as they expose themselves in trusted vulnerability.

It only takes an hour. But what a life changing hour! Now it’s time to hear from your Soul.

Now you will experience love if you hear from your Soul or if you are heard from someone else’s Soul.

Ego talks. Soul hears. That’s it – end of lesson.

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