29. Respect – The Missing Ingredient

RESPECTRecognizing Each Soul Politely Ensuring Correct Tribute

With respect you have trust. With trust you have honor. With honor you have love. With disrespect you have distrust. With distrust you have dishonor. With dishonor you have fear.

Respect can occur in two ways. Respect can be earned through admiration and then via love. The other way respect can be achieved, but not earned, is through fear. Respect achieved by fear, such as in the military, or by an authority based figure such as a policeman, teacher, clergyman, parent, bully, fearsome dog, poisonous snake, etc. The consequences of respect earned by fear are based on loss of something that you hold valuable to you. Your life, your pride, your well-being, your health, your wealth, your freedom, something you value which you could be deprived of.

Respect earned via admiration and love is long lasting respect.
Respect achieved through fear of loss is only in existence while the fear of loss persists. Once that loss occurs, or that fear is removed, the respect generally evaporates.

So, in reality, real respect earned by admiration and via love is the only respect worth striving for.

How do you earn real respect? Firstly you have to stand in your integrity. To earn admiration some people believe you must do something noteworthy, perhaps exceptional, something most people aren’t doing. If everyone was achieving noteworthy things then respect would, in actual fact, be acceptance of expectations. This wouldn’t be noteworthy or exceptional as everyone does it.

Surely that also deserves respect? But do you respect people who simply do what everyone else does?

Is there a reason not to respect them? Certainly you would not want to disrespect them for doing the right thing all the time.

By taking for granted people doing the right thing all the time you tend to forget to respect them. The doorman opening the door for you. The garbage-man clearing away your refuse. You “refuse” it. He “accepts” it from you to dispose of it for you. When was the last time you showed respect for the garbage-man? Have you ever shown respect for the garbage-man?

The teachers in our schools. Who could be more deserving of your respect than the people responsible for educating your children? When was the last time you showed actual respect for a teacher? Did you phone them or send them a note thanking them for teaching your children?

Children learn what they see, not what they hear. If you want your child to respect their teachers, perhaps you should show them how you respect their teachers.

Personal friendships, co-workers, relationship partners, and your children deserve the most respect of all. When was the last time you consciously showed respect, not simple good manners, but respect for these important people in your life?

Respect means trust, honor and love.

So We ask again, when was the last time you gave trust, honor and love to your personal friends, co-workers, relationship partners and your children? When was the last time you even genuinely told them you were proud of them?

But you demand respect! You must respect me! I am your parent, your spouse, your superior at work, your friend -I demand respect! This is fear-based respect not admiration earned, love achieved, respect.

So start by you giving RESPECTRecognizing Each Soul Politely Ensuring Correct Tribute. Pay tribute to what people do. Pay respect to what non-people do, such as animals, nature, institutions, etc.

Pay respect to earn respect. The Law of Giving and Receiving. The Law of Karma. The Law of Choice. The Law of As Within So Without. The Law of Cause and Effect. The Law of Expectation. The Law of Flow. The Law of Gratitude. This “paying respect to earn respect” applies to so many more of the Universal Spirit Laws.

Pay respect to earn respect.

Respecting someone also means recognizing that they have a Soul’s journey to complete. You respect them by allowing them to make “mistakes”. By rectifying those “mistakes” they learn about their Soul’s journey.

By releasing those we love to find their own journey is also respecting them – no matter how it makes you feel.

By not judging others, accepting what is now and allowing others and things to simply be – and by recognizing each Soul politely ensuring correct tribute (respect) – will enable you to pay respect to them so you, in turn, can earn respect from them and others.

You must be aware that if someone disrespects you, they too invoke the various Universal Spirit Laws of Cause and Effect, Karma and other Universal Laws of Spirit for themselves.

Now respect no longer has to be the missing ingredient. If you use it from now onwards, to pay respect watch how it earns you respect.

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