30. Caring But Without Contamination


As a therapist/advisor I get emotionally involved with my clients. Their issues get to me and I find I have to get emotionally involved to give of my best to them. The problem is that I allow their issues to affect me emotionally. How can I be emotionally involved but detached from their issues?

Suggested Solution

Every Soul has its own journey. Every Soul has one or more contracts with other Souls in bodies, known as human beings.

These Souls have come to earth to play out their agreed roles with other Souls so that healing, growth and evolvement of their Soul’s journey can occur.

Each human being, a Soul within a body, has choices. Each choice has consequences. For every cause there is an affect. Depending on the consciousness of the human being and the consequences of their choices, the causes and effects, will play themselves out. Consequences are like the ripples that occur when you drop a stone into water. The ripples do what ripples do they ripple. The ripples are not judged good or bad, they simply ripple as a consequences of the stone being dropped into the water.

So it is with your clients. They have made choices. Those choices have consequences. Those consequences are being played out. The issues they tell you about depend on whether or not they see themselves as a victim of their circumstances. There are no victims! There are only Soul contracts being played out. There is no such thing as coincidence. These circumstances are agreed to Soul contracts being played out.

You should not interfere!

If you went to see a play at a local theatre would you interfere with the actors and actresses on the stage?

Your clients have agreed to be in their own play.

You can simply give love, support, healing. Let your clients tell their story. Invariably they want your understanding, sympathy and support. At an emotional level you can give them understanding, compassion, empathy but Our advice is not to judge what has taken place, you cannot see “The Bigger Picture” that We see. Also do not have your own agenda of control and manipulation. Simply Be Love. When you have listened, advised or been proactive in your professional training, but not judged the parties in any way, you can ask the empowering questions:

“When you are emotionally ready, what are you going to do about this?”

“Have you thought through all the logical consequences of taking such action?”

Then, the allimportant question:

“As a professional (fill in the blanks) how would you like me to support you when you have decided what you are going to do about this?”

Now the boundaries have been set. I am here to support you but I want to know what you expect of me.

In this way you, as a professional (fill in the blanks), can remain objective, supportive but clearly draw the line between being dumped on, abused and emotionally blackmailed to where you stand: caring, supporting but conscious that this is a job you are being paid for. No matter how much you care when they leave your sacred space and close the door behind them you must consciously detach from those issues until their next visit.

By doing this you empower them to solve their own issues and you fulfil your professional role and training by always being love, not judging, not controlling and not manipulating.

This is not your issue it is theirs at Soul contract level. It is not your responsibility to resolve their issues, they must not be dependent on you to make choices for them. This dependency on others may have contributed to creating the issues in the first place.

With your love, support, healing and professional expertise, they must resolve the issues their way through their choices and the consequences will flow like ripples on water.

Learn to recognize their Soul’s journey, honour and respect their choices that may bring healing, growth and evolvement for their Soul’s growth.

Be involved, Be Love, but be detached and don’t allow them into your bloodstream! Honour them and yourself by realizing that this is their issue – not yours. Their choice, not yours. Their Soul’s journey, not yours. Their life, not yours. You have your own Soul’s journey, your own choices, your own relationships, your own life to live.

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