29. People Are Like Icebergs


I often meet people, think they are nice but after a while, I find out that they are not so nice. I don’t trust myself to know who nice people are and who aren’t.

Suggested Solution

We find it interesting that you should use the word nice to describe people. There, of course, are other words to use such as friendly, kind, good, honourable, etc. However, We like nice because it allows Us to illustrate our point so, well, nicely!

NICENow ICEternally

People are like Icebergs. The top 10% that protrudes out of the water is what you see. The other 90% below the water’s surface is what you cannot see.

The top 10% is their physicality, their looks, expressions, what they say, how they act, what they do, what they want you to see. The top 10% is their Ego. Their mind controls their Ego. First impressions are generally their Egos on show and your Ego looking and reacting. Your Ego has your needs on full alert. Their Ego may be astute enough to give you what you want to see, hear, believe, touch or imagine.

Egos create short-term, meaningless, and sometimes destructive relationships.

EGOEdging God Out

Now perhaps you can understand why nice people can become not so nice, at Ego level, all could be false and untrue, it is manipulation and control.

However, the other 90% of the Iceberg is below your initial vision. This other 90% of the iceberg is the other persons Soul hidden from view. Now if you want to experience nice then get to know the persons real essence their Soul.

At the point when you have established some form of trust with another person you can commence the journey to discover his or her Soul by utilizing your Soul.

Vulnerability is your greatest strength. When the time is right and trust has been established you can become vulnerable towards the other person, disclosing certain of your sacredness to them. You may decide to disclose a few secrets about yourself, perhaps disclose your feelings, after all feelings are the language of your Soul. By showing your vulnerability, it will soon become apparent whether the other person is still operating out of Ego. You will know this if you feel they may abuse your sacredness.

Alternatively, if they see your vulnerability as an opening to disclose certain of their sacredness, to disclose a few secrets about themselves, perhaps their feelings about you, then their vulnerability will open up the opportunity to start talking from your individual Souls.

When you consider it opportune to develop this Soul relationship further then you are both capable of coming from love, coming from your Soul, understanding that you are a Soul, coming from Spirit, coming from God, as a Part of God. God is love, you, a Part of God, are love.

The love that you are and the love the other person is will enable these two Soul Mates to reconnect. You both know each other in Spirit, as Souls. These Souls, in Spirit, are now reconnecting in the physical, on earth. Oh, what a feeling of coming home. I feel like I have known you my whole life and then some!

So now, when you meet people see them for what they are like Icebergs. The visible top 10% is their Ego but the submerged 90% is their Soul. As soon as practically possible deal with their Ego but, whenever opportune, deal with their Soul.

In time you will see a polar shift occurring. You will start to see people with their 90% Soul visible and their 10% Ego submerged. The Iceberg is now permanently reversed Soul is evident, Ego is hiding!

NICENow ICEternally

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