God is Love.
God is all there is.
Love is all there is.

We are all part of God.
Every person, spirit, tree, rock, grain of sand, drop of water, bird, animal, plant, human, building, instrument, implement are all part of God.
God is all there is.
When We who are in Spirit, and you were in Spirit, We/we all come from God.
Our Souls are all part of God.
So are the Souls of every living organism.
So are the parts of every grain of sand, seed, water, vegetable and mineral.

God is all there is.
God is Love.
Love is all there is.

Your Souls, pure and unblemished, came from God.
The Souls of all the great saints and all the sinners come from God.
Is the Soul of a Mother Theresa more valuable than the Soul of a rapist?
Not in God’s eyes. All Souls are pure and unblemished.

Souls choose their journey on earth, on the physical plane, to fulfill their karmic balancing for their Soul’s growth, for the growth of their Soul Group and, ultimately, for God’s growth.
God needs to experience everything in order to be God.
The growth of Souls is always towards the Light, the Light that God is.

Like seeds planted in the soil they need to grow through the darkness first before they pierce the ground and grow in the Light towards the Light.

So it is with Souls. They need to grow in the darkness, which is their personal Hell (Having Excluded Light Love). Eventually through many lifetimes they emerge from the darkness into the Light and grow towards the Light during many more lifetimes.

Mother Theresa was a tall plant closest to the Light. A mass murderer of people is a seed buried deep in the soil, inching its way through the darkness towards the Light.

There should be no judgment on the growth of Souls.
They are where they need to be in this present moment of Now – it’s God’s timing.
Every Soul should be Loved by you, and this will speed up their progress and yours to reach the Light.

By giving Love to Love, because that is what all Souls are as they come from God who is Love, then you accelerate the growth of all Souls towards the Light.

When this happens you co-create Heaven on Earth,

Give Love because that is your true nature, Who You Really Are.
Give this Love to Love which is the true nature of all Souls.

Then you will know and experience that Love is all there is.

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