2. ANT

Architects and Builders, Community-Minded, Discipline and Order, Focussed, Hard-Working, Honour and Respect, Patience, Persistence, No Ego, Unconditional Love

Architects and Builders: Ants design and build their own creations turning them into realities.

Community-Minded: Through self-sacrifice and true service to the community each ant will do its assigned role to ensure the survival, health and growth of the whole colony or community.

Discipline and Order: Knowing your place in your assigned role with discipline and order working for the communities greater good.

Focussed: Ants focus on the task at hand.

Hard-Working: The ant is very industrious and hard-working creating success through effort.

Honour and Respect: Although there is a caste system in place within the colony or community, each ant, selflessly, will persevere with patience harmoniously to do its assigned role honouring and respecting itself, and all of the other ants for the benefit of the colony/community.

Patience: Ants will show infinite patience in waiting for their hard work to end up in the creation of their dream their reality that they have created.

Persistence: Ants will continually persist in the drudgery of repetitive workloads until success is achieved.

No Ego: Each ant within the caste system operates without ego, aligning itself, with honour and respect for itself and all ants, with the integrity of one for all and all for one the virtue of equality.

Unconditional Love: By operating without ego and for the benefit of all, the ant shows unconditional love, honour and respect for all, including itself. The lowly ant deserves the highest praise. To emulate the ant is to ensure success in your life.

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