28. Desperate Housewives Revisited

Currently on television sets around the world people are watching, with much fascination, the American blockbuster series “Desperate Housewives”. This fantasy depicts how a very small percentage of the world’s population live out their bored, luxurious lifestyles.

One particular storyline illustrates how one of the bored, desperate housewives chooses to have sex with the gardener and this affords Us the opportunity to show you “The Bigger Picture” of choosing worthiness and unworthiness, as well as illustrating to you the concept of the “parallel lives” you all live in.

Wow – a double feature!

Worthiness and Unworthiness AND Parallel Lives – one ticket please or should that be two?

Act 1 Scene 1 – “Desi” – the desperate housewife – looking at her vast array of clothing – what should I wear today to go shopping at the supermarket? Ugh, how I hate grocery shopping! Those long aisles, those trolleys, they never have what I want, people bumping into you, jostling you, sometimes it’s so hot and unpleasant in there I feel like fainting. Then, when you eventually get served by that unsmiling “bitch” with the crooked teeth, you have to pack and unpack all those groceries. And what for? No one appreciates what I do anyway. I feel like a hamster on the wheel in Timmy’s room. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, and taking out the garbage, doing the kids’ homework, cleaning the house – for what? For my kids to take me for granted. For a peck on the cheek at night by my tired, overworked husband who falls asleep snoring next to me. Where is the worthiness in all that?

Act 1 Scene 2 – I think I’ll wear that low cut pink blouse with my new embroidered jeans – that should stir up someone’s hormones! Wait, what was that in the garden? I forgot Tuesday the garden service is here. I hope they sent that dishy blond guy with those strong back muscles glistening with sweat in the sunlight that I fantasized about last week. Peeking through the curtain her heart leaps – yes, it’s him!

Now talk about worthy! I am worthy of that in my bed!

So, all alone at home Desi – the desperate housewife – gets dressed seductively and invites her gardener in for a drink. Sex follows and grocery shopping is put off for another time.

Act 1 Scene 3 – The tired overworked husband meantime realizes he left his important paperwork on his desk in his study at home. Turning back after traveling for 30 minutes in rush hour traffic he eventually gets back home and walks in to discover his wife and the gardener in bed together.

Act 2 Scene 1 – Desi, now a divorced ex-housewife, is very desperate. She lives alone in a cramped one-roomed apartment. Grocery shopping is precarious as she scrimps and saves her meager wages from her boring, monotonous 8 to 5 job. Cutting coupons for supermarket specials. Sex belongs to her memories as she can hardly afford to have her hair done, let alone her nails, country club massage (and masseurs!), shopping and lunch with the girls, illicit sexual liaisons – her matinées! – the desperate housewife lifestyle all gone. Feeling very unworthy, desperate, alone, nearly destitute. What a choice was made here by Desi.

Act 3 Scene 1 – In a “parallel life” Grace is also a desperate housewife in the same street and she also has the same garden service but on a Thursday. The same dishy blond gardener with muscles rippling down his back is there. Grace is always admired for her attitude. She smiles to herself – I call it gratitude – a great attitude!

Grace goes grocery shopping with a smile on her face. Look at me, pretty, well groomed, driving a nice car, a gold credit card in my purse, a beautiful home, lovely children – naughty sometimes, unappreciative most times – but I love them and I treasure being their mother. And Tom, poor overworked ever tired Tom. How he struggles to keep our family in luxury. Not much free time for Tom. I really love and admire Tom. I remember a time not so long ago when Tom was laid off work in the bad recession and I would stand in the supermarket queue praying that the credit card limit had not been reached. The embarrassment of having to take out groceries in front of all those people when my credit card was rejected.

Now I know I can buy what I want for me and my family with my gold credit card. How proud I am of Tom who works so hard to provide for us all. I feel so worthy buying groceries for my family. How lucky I am to have such a wonderful, loving family: a husband I respect, admire and love so much, my beautiful, wonderful growing children and our lovely home. Not having to work so I can teach English classes at the Y.M.C.A, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to immigrants struggling to survive in our beautiful country. How worthy I feel – how grateful I am for all that I have, treasure and love.

Act 3 Scene 2 – Arriving home with a car load of groceries I ask the blond gardener to give me a hand unloading the car. I admire his muscles and strength as he easily lifts the heavy bags.

Inside I offer him a cold drink and he says thanks and winks at me. My, I wonder why? He asks: May I use the kids’ bathroom to wash up. Innocently I say, with pleasure. I hear the shower going and after a few minutes he walks out with his blond hair all wet and a small towel around his waist.

He asks which bedroom he should go into and I say, have you got other clothes to change into, perhaps my husband has some shorts your can wear? He looks at me with a smile or a sneer and laughs – aren’t you coming too, he says.

What do you think I am, I yell at him!

Why not? he shouts back, I service many of the desperate housewives in this street!

Get out you unworthy man – and never come back here again, I scream slamming the front door behind him.

Act 3 Scene 3 – Shaking with anger I phone Tom at his office, tell him the story and he threatens to go and beat up this blond gardener. He comes home as fast as he can to protect me, to calm me down, to show me his love for me, for the choice that I made standing in my integrity. When I eventually calm down, he goes back to the car, drives to the store and returns with a dozen red roses with a note saying – I love you and am so proud to be your husband and father of our children. I am grateful and feel so worthy to have you as my wife and mother of our children. Thank you for treasuring our sacredness. All my love. Tom.

Act 3 Scene 4 – That night at dinner I make the family’s favorite meal, I open a bottle of wine for Tom and I, the dozen red roses on the table in a beautiful vase, candles lit, soft music playing. The children ask, is it your anniversary? No, I answer, no special occasion – I simply want to celebrate how grateful I feel, how worthy I feel, having the love of my husband, the love of my children, this beautiful home for us all to share and for our health and our happiness together. You are all sacred to me.

Act 4 Scene 1 – The other parallel life has Desi, the ex-desperate housewife, also eating by candlelight, all alone – not out of choice – scraping the last of the beans out of a dented can wondering how she will keep warm until pay day when she can afford to pay her electricity bill.

The scene fades away and the soulful violin music plays out the movie.

Choices made in worthiness, choices made in unworthiness, you are always accompanied by unseen identical twins – Cause and Effect.

The concept of “parallel lives” can also be seen in this story of Desperate Housewives Revisited.

These mirrors of “parallel lives” you also known as “past lives” revisit you all for your healing, growth and evolvement.

The choices of coming from Ego or coming from Soul and their resulting causes and effects shape your lives. Do you want to be Desi – the ex-desperate housewife or Grace – the desperately grateful housewife?

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