28. Are You Available To Be Loved?

So what is your personal life like? Happy where you are now? Prefer to be loved by someone really special? Want to wake up with a smile on your face, a love song in your head, and jump out of bed with joy, enthusiasm and excitement? Want your heart to skip a beat when you hear, or see, or smell the one that loves you? Do you really want to feel loved, honored, sacred, treasured?

Well, then We must ask Are you available to be loved?

If you seriously want to be available to be loved, are you prepared to do some homework? Then please go the The Book of Evolving Relationships Lesson 2 Worthy of Love? and read it. If you feel unworthy and want to move to worthiness then read Lesson 9 Are you Worthy?

However, Lesson 39 Vulnerability is your greatest strength must be read if you wish to be available to be loved.

Now you need time to absorb those three lessons so it’s now more homework time! It’s Our day off! Just kidding We are with you always and all ways. We will never leave you no matter what you do at ego level, We do not judge you, control and manipulate you. We are continually showering you with love, We continually hold up a mirror to you to remind you of Who You Really Are, Love, a Part of God. God is Love and the Part of God you are is Love. When you come from Soul by thinking, saying and doing What Would Love Do Now? then you are Love.

Only when you are Love can you be available to be loved. This love comes from Soul level. Ego cannot be attracted and connected to Love. Your ego can only find a connection with another person”s ego. However, your Love, coming from Soul level, can only find a connection with another persons love coming from their Soul level.

Therefore, We ask again Are you available to be loved?

Are you prepared to do some homework on yourself?

Are you worthy of being loved? From Lesson 2 (referred to above) can you identify: what created your mistaken belief system about you, the stumbling blocks you have put in your own way, the defences you have erected as your protection, the people and things you have rejected, your now unacceptable actions to gain approval of others and your non-acceptance of the reality of love.

From Lesson 9 (referred to above), can you now move from unworthy to worthy by finding your Faith and your Trust and discovering that you are WORTHY Wonder Of Realizing The Higher You?

From Lesson 39 (referred to above), can you learn how, and with whom, to be vulnerable to allow LOVE Let Our Vibrations Evolve to occur?

If you are now available to be loved, We have a bit more homework for you. Please go to The Book of Universal Spirit Laws The Law of Giving.

Here you will discover, or rediscover, that giving and receiving are ultimately one as this energy is transmuted back and forth. If you want to receive something first you have to give it to others. For as long as you give you will receive.

So, perhaps Our question should now be Are you available to give Love in order to receive Love? Only then will you be available to be loved.

Once you have done your homework then make space for new-found home-love!

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