27. Moving From Ego To Soul

So here We are 26 lessons later and most of what We have talked about is moving from Ego towards Soul. Moving from darkness towards light. There is a simple way to recognize when Ego is driving you, or when Soul is what you are, in the present moment of now.

This “magic formula” is EGO – “I Want”

SOUL – “You Need”

When your thoughts, words, deeds and actions are motivated by:

I Want” – You to like me; that new car; you to accept me; that person over there; etc.

You Need” – Me to like you unconditionally; you need that new car I’ll wait until we can afford another car later; me to accept you unconditionally; that person over there to see your worthiness; etc., etc. When you come from Soul, in your worthiness, the reward you get is a feeling that is “very nice”. This feeling of feeling “very nice” is a wonderful place to be. You feel worthwhile, you feel worthy, you feel the warmth and protection of unconditional love – from yourself, let’s face it, you feel blissful. You really feel great!

What a feeling! I am really proud of myself, no one knows what I did, only me, and I feel so proud of myself. No one needs to know – that is Ego. I know and deep inside myself I feel worthy. I feel great. I feel the love inside of me I have for myself – unconditional self-love – that is Soul.

If you can do one thing each day for someone else, coming from Soul – “You Need” – and not look for acknowledgement from them, and especially not from anyone else, then you can develop, and feel, this feeling of worthiness. Start with a smile to someone who looks like they need a smile to pick them up. Develop your unacknowledged daily gifts from there. Soon you will be looking for more and more opportunities every day to give unconditionally without the need for acknowledgement. What a feeling!

When you come from Ego what Ego has tried to do is control and manipulate the other person’s feelings. This person then says you make me feel great, so I will tell you that you are great. Now you are happy because someone else thinks you are great.

But what do you think you are – coming from Ego?

Not superficially to impress the crowds but deep inside yourself – what do you really think about you? Shallow, manipulative, controlling, getting what you want and then throwing them aside. If your Ego does succeed and you get what you want does it fill this bottomless black hole inside of you? Does it satisfy your immediate hunger for satisfaction but leaves you even hungrier for Ego satisfaction soon afterwards?

This empty feeling deep inside of you cannot be recognized as love, it is fear, fear of rejection, fear of non-acceptance, fear of failure, fear of not fitting in, etc., etc. So Ego is driven by fear, fear is driven by loss, loss is envisaged as darkness, Ego becomes darkness.

Where would you prefer to be in the darkness of Ego, in the bottomless pit of unsatisfied wants, or in the light of Soul, feeling worthy deep inside yourself, feeling the warmth and protection of unconditional self-love?

If you choose to feel worthy, to feel unconditional self-love and to come from Soul, then there are steps you will need to follow:

  1. Step One

To get rid of Ego first you have to be willing and able to recognize Ego.

  1. Step Two

Every time, and We mean every time, you have a thought, say a word, do a deed or act out an action stop and ask yourself:

“Is this Ego (“I Want”) or Soul (“You Need”) operating here?”

  1. Step Three

We suggest you keep a notebook with you and write down in two columns:

Column 1 – Ego, Column 2 – Soul

  1. Step Four

Wherever practically possible, each thought, word, deed and action should be put into the relevant column. You can only do this providing you stand in your integrity.

  1. Step Five

At the end of each day you can review the columns to see your progress.

  1. Step Six

By being conscious and aware of your choice to come from Soul instead of Ego will start to change your belief system about yourself.

  1. Step Seven

Please visit “Changing Your Belief System About Yourself” to see how it is possible to create a new vision of you now coming from Soul.

  1. Step Eight

By having Thoughts of coming from Soul, changes your Feelings to feelings of warmth and protection of unconditional self-love from worthiness.

The deliberate Choice of coming from Soul makes your Decisions so much clearer and easier to make.

Your Attitude now becomes one of “You Need” and no longer “I Want”.

Your Belief system is now programmed to believe you are worthy and your Behavior is one of unconditional self-love by giving to others without requiring anything in return but a feeling of worthiness and unconditional self-love.

Your Desire is to be Soul, your Intention is to come from Love and your Imagination is to give love and only to receive love in return.

This is your new Vision – to come from Soul, to shine with your inner light of unconditional self-love and to only receive love in return.

To move from Ego to Soul requires conviction, determination and dedication. You have to persevere because your Ego is very protective of its position currently influencing your thoughts, your feelings, your choices, your decisions, your attitude, your beliefs, your behavior, your desires, your intentions, your imagination and the vision your currently have of yourself as you come from “I Want”.

You will need to persevere unrelentingly, inch by inch, moment by moment identifying your Ego demands and replacing them inch by inch, moment by moment with your Soul’s thoughts, feelings, choices, decisions, attitudes, beliefs, behavior, desires, intentions and imagination as you keep your new vision emblazoned in front of you.

Your new vision is to come from Soul, from love, to shine with your inner light of unconditional self-love and to only receive love in return.

When you achieve this you will feel self -worthy and know unconditional self-love.

We wish you WELLWonder Eternally Light Love – as you move from Ego towards Soul in your journey towards worthiness.

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