26. Who Controls Your Spotlight

You are the leading actor in the play. You love the spotlight, the limelight. You thrive on being the center of attention. This is what makes you come alive.

There is no judgment about your need to satisfy your Ego – that’s simply where you are now. There is no right and no wrong here, accepting what is, that is your need now.

What does need to be looked at is the way this need is affecting others. If this Ego need is done by uplifting, encouraging and supporting others then your leadership role in the spotlight is beneficial to the group that surrounds you.

If this Ego need ignores, dishonors and damages others then this Ego need will be on a fragile pedestal with others hoping and plotting for your fall off this pedestal.

If your attitude is one of genuine gratitude to all those supporting your stay in the limelight, your Ego gets replaced as you come from Soul.

Do you know many people in the leadership role, in the limelight, who have the total support of their followers? Not too many people who get to the top maintain that humility that genuinely supports and encourages those in the support troops. It has been said that a true leader is the one who creates other leaders. Know many people who that can be said of?

As a leading actor on the stage, you are only as good as your supporting actors are. If they fluff their lines they ruin your performance. If the person entrusted with opening and closing the curtain, starts closing the curtain in the middle of your monologue, the audience will gasp and then laugh at how foolish this makes your performance. If the person handling the spotlight veers off you to spotlight some pretty chorus girl, what would that do to you?

If makeup and costume do a bad job on you how will that affect your career? If the props you are given fall apart in your hands and the orchestra plays at an inopportune time, how will you keep your composure? If the audience senses your arrogant air and the booking office lady discourages people from seeing your play, if the janitor does not clean your dressing room and does not fix your blocked toilet, what will that do to your equilibrium?

All the supporting teams are required to perform at their best so you can perform at yours.

The flowers you receive in your dressing room should be shared with as many as possible. When you are praised by the media, you should reflect that praise to your supporting cast, mentioning by name those deserving of praise.

When the audience gives you a standing ovation bring out the director to share in the ovation. When it’s time to be whisked off to the after party ask if you could be given 30 minutes grace. Go around saluting those backstage for their support and arrange for snacks and drinks from your party to be sent backstage.

Your genuine gratitude for those who support you will induce their loyalty, not through manipulation and control, but through your genuine unconditional love, support and loyalty to them – now no longer coming from your Ego but from your Soul.

Now your time in the spotlight will serve its purpose – not for your Ego gratification but for using your position of power to uplift others – to enable them to be the best they can be and in the process making you the best you can be. This is truly a win: win scenario. When you come from love you receive love from hearts and Souls. When you come from Ego the applause is shallow and empty.

When you come from Ego you are reliant on someone else shining the spotlight on you. Someone else has the power to determine whether the spotlight is on or off, on you or not on you.

When you come from Love your spotlight comes from within you. The power of the spotlight is in your hands. When you come from Soul – from Love – the spotlight within you is on and you radiate light to yourself and to others. You are not dependent on someone else to control the spotlight – you control the spotlight within you.

When you come from Soul – from Love – you do not need the spotlight on you because you are the light in your Being. Being light, worthy others are attracted to you because you are light, happiness, bliss – someone to lead others to find their light within their Being.

Now you are a true leader!
You are the leader of the Light Brigade!

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