25. Letting Go Of Anger

Feeling angry about someone or something? Feel like exploding and venting your fury at someone or something? Feel like it’s just too much for you to handle?

Well, there is good news, bad news, then, hopefully, some great news for you.

First the good news.

Anger is a natural emotion. When you feel threatened by someone, or something, that you have major resentment about, anger is your natural defence system as you adapt and react to this major threat facing you. What you are reacting to is not the person or the situation but to your feelings about the person or the situation.

These are your feelings and your feelings are not someone else’s fault. The good news is that when you are ready to take responsibility for your feelings, you can change them.

What do We mean take responsibility for your feelings?

Firstly, you have to have acceptance of your current reality. Whatever you would prefer to have been happening right now simply is not what is happening.

Your expectations have not been met. Something less, probably far less, has happened, or is happening, than that which you had hoped for, expected, felt you deserved, felt you were entitled to.

The reality of now is poorer for you than your expectations. You have to accept that this moment is exactly as it should be for your Souls needs, not your Egos wants.

Wow, that’s a hard reality to swallow, you mean I got what I needed not what I wanted I am really angry now. Give me what I want now!

In Our infinite wisdom We believe that you are ready now for a growth spurt for your Souls journey.

However, as always, you have free will to choose. We will not interfere with your choice. We believe you are now ready for a gift, a present if you prefer, and an opportunity for your Soul to grow in the present moment of now. The good news is that if you grasp this opportunity to grow you may not have to deal with your uncontrollable anger again in this lifetime, and perhaps, in other lifetimes.

The bad news is that this life lesson is part of your Soul contract and it will be presented to you again, and again, in different guises, until it is successfully dealt with, and integrated into making you grow, spiritually.

In tough love terms the saying goes You can run but you cannot hide!. If you want to know more about your Soul contract We recommend you go back now and re-read The Book of Evolving Relationships on http://www.guidespeak.com Lesson 46 The Three Commitments to Yourself: No.1 Trust the Process, as well as, The Book of Inner Peace – Relationships are Eternal, also on http://www.guidespeak.com.

So what is the great news We referred to?

Let Us start with what We mean by taking responsibility for your feelings and then We will show you how to change your feelings by changing your perspective.

Responsibility means having the will and the ability to respond to your current reality as it is now. Your acceptance of this present moment of now is paramount to taking responsibility. You must not blame anyone or anything, including yourself, for what has occurred, or is occurring. The fact that you had expectations of a better outcome is academic, its wishful thinking. Your acceptance, acknowledgement, understanding and reconciliation that that which has, or is, occurring, is exactly as it should be in creating an opportunity for your Souls growth and that is what is important right now.

Your energy should now be used for unearthing and developing this opportunity in a positive attitude rather than bemoaning the poorer outcome and looking for someone or something to blame in a victim like negative attitude.

So to recap. You were angry because your judgement, or expectation, of someone or something, did not meet your expectation and you felt let down, poorer. This made you angry because you felt a loss. This perception of a loss made you feel insecure about your life. This insecurity, as all feelings of insecurity, is based on fear. In this case fear of loss of something important to you.

The basis of your anger is judgement, non fulfilment of expectations, resentment at the outcome and its all based on feeling insecure about your life and, yes, you got it, it’s all based on fear. FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real!

So your anger is based on fear. There it is in a nutshell!

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the knowledge that something is more important now than your fear. It is time to be courageous right now.

Now it’s your turn to help yourself. Be totally self-honest. What is it you really, really, really feared when your expectations were not met by the outcome of your judgement, when you got angry. What did you fear? Loss of an opportunity, loss of a job, loss of money, loss of your lifestyle, loss of your dream, loss of a loved one, disillusionment of reality, loss of respect, admiration, etc., etc.

Deep down it may have been the feeling and fear of the loss of love. After all fear is the opposite of love.

Now on to the greatest news about Who You Really Are and how to change your feelings in having the ability to respond, to have responsibility to change your feelings about the person or situation that made you angry.

That which you fear is your greatest blessing!

What you fear is like physical pain, it highlights what needs to be faced, repaired, resolved, and then integrated to become part of Who You Really Are.

Let Us start by saying that you are a Soul in a physical body on this earth plane. You are a Soul through eternity and you will occupy many, many physical bodies in many, many lifetimes on earth.

As a Soul you are Part of God. As a Soul you cannot be damaged in anyway whatsoever. You are indestructible. Your essence is Pure Love.

Now what can you, as a Soul, possibly fear? What can God possibly fear? You, as a Soul, are part of God, what can you possibly fear? God is Love, You are a Part of God, you are Love.

You are Love, the opposite of fear.

By remembering that you are Love you can, and must, approach everyone and everything with an attitude of What Would Love Do Now?

Let Us go back to your anger now. The basis of this anger is your fear of loss of something or someone. Once you have been totally self-honest and identified this fear, We can help you make it go away, and with it the reason for your anger. In this way you will be letting go of your anger.

That which you fear you must identify and face up to, in love of yourself and in love of others. In the Bigger Picture of your numerous past/parallel/ lifetimes as a Soul you have contracted to experience many things on the physical plane you know as earth. When your Soul is in Spirit it can learn lessons but your Soul, within a body, can only experience these lessons in the physical plane known as earth.

At this point, if you did not do so earlier, We ask you to go to the Book of Evolving Relationships on www.guidespeak.com Lesson 46 The Three Commitments to Yourself No.1: Trust the Process and from The Book of Inner Peace on www.guidepeak.com Relationships are Eternal. These lessons spell out how Soul contracts work.

That which you fear for example the fear of losing a parents love or respect or admiration is a contracted Soul agreement.

In Spirit, you and the people you interact with on earth, were, and are, eternally Souls, who currently happen to be occupying selected bodies on earth. In Spirit, certain lessons were identified by all of you as what you needed to experience on earth for the growth of your Souls journeys toward perfection, which some of you call God.

These lessons, or experiences, are needed to make you whole and are karmic balances coming from your actions in this lifetime and in other past/parallel lifetimes.

The people, or events, presenting themselves to you as things you fear are your greatest blessings. By portraying themselves as issues/events that require your focus and attention to face up to, resolve and in time to integrate into you, will make you more complete, more perfect as your Soul commits itself to its contractual obligations to grow towards the perfection some call God.

Throughout this process you have free will. However, if you choose not to take up the challenge of your karmic balancing now, then other opportunities to grow will present themselves in this lifetime, or in other lifetimes, of your Souls journey through eternity.

By identifying your fears you will establish why it is so important for you to have the outcome you desired from your expectations. To establish why your judgement of other people and situations had to be just so. Why you felt that unless your expectations were perfectly met you would lose something so important for your continued well-being that the thought of it being less so created fear of loss of something in your heart. In a nutshell Why you got so angry based on this fear of loss.

Once you have established what this fear of loss is you can begin to bring it into the light of consciousness and understanding so you can heal it.

You need to face up to this fear with love in your heart. Identify and confront the issues that need to be tackled. Have the courage, determination and staying power to be assertive in tackling these seemingly unpleasant tasks. Throughout this process of repair and resolution always be honest, stand in your integrity, stay in the now and, most importantly, be love as you heal, repair, resolve, and ultimately, integrate this experience into yourself.

This fear of loss is ego based. A major loss that could possibly occur is the loss of face that would affect your ego.

Please remember that EGO mean Edging God Out

You are Part of God, you are not your Ego, you are your Soul. Your Soul is Part of God. God is Love, you are Love, only your ego knows fear of loss. The real you, Who You Really Are, is totally abundant in every way. What can the real You possibly lose?

The only thing the real you can temporarily lose, is your way on your Souls journey through eternity. The only time you can lose your way is when the real You, Soul, gets out of the driving seat and allows ego to drive you.

If you remember you’re are always, and all ways, a Soul, for now in a body on earth, then as a Soul you are Love. It is then impossible to become angry. Anger becomes danger for you. The way to let go of ego based, fear induced anger is to think, act, do and say what would love do now? not what would fear do now?

We love you and want you to always remember you are Love, God is Love, you are Part of God. Anger belongs to fear. You are not fear, you are Love and you belong to and are a Part of God.

Confront your fear with love and it will disappear like the morning mist once the sun rises.

Know only Love.
Be Love.
Be Loved.
Our Beloved.

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