26. The Unconditional Love Of Pets

A distraught woman visited the Channel on a Friday morning to discuss a sequence of events that had occurred during the past week of her life. Her estranged husband finally sued her for divorce, leaving her with virtually nothing, financially, from the marriage. Her husband, a successful businessman in the past had become insolvent a few years previously, lost everything, and then proceeded to have a succession of girlfriends, while still married. The woman was expected to work again when her husband lost everything to support him and their young child.

She got a job at an entrepreneurial company where she found a safe haven from which to rebuild her life. Everything went well and she succeeded in picking up the pieces, both in her personal and professional life.

Now, ending up without any significant financial support from her impending divorce, she had to make another change in her life in order to survive. Having been offered a job with a more established business, with slightly more remuneration, health benefits, pension plans and a more secure package, she reluctantly conceded that it was probably the only decision she could make to secure her future and look after her child.

So she started contemplating the next step, how to tell her employer, by now a dear friend and close confidant, that she had no choice but to leave him and her home from home to take a leap of faith and journey into the unknown.

During this emotional week, the family’s three year old dachshund suddenly developed back problems, dragging his semi-paralyzed hind-legs while battling to walk.

The woman sought the advice of the Channel to establish why everything was happening at the same time and why the little dog had suddenly fallen so ill?

The Channel changed her perspective as follows: You need to change jobs to be in a place where you can meet new people. From this new workplace new relationships will blossom. There are people waiting for you in your new work environment who are important for you in the next stage of your journey.

Your friends from the entrepreneurial company will always remain your friends in love and friendship. It’s time to open new doors and not look back longingly at old doors. Do not be afraid, there is nothing to fear, simply TRUST To Release Unto Spirit Totally and then To Rely Unto Spirit Totally. Trust in Gods timing God will always give you what you need, for your Souls growth, when you need it.

Your little dog came into your life to give you and your child unconditional love. When he arrived, your husband, who had until then refused to vacate the family home because of his financially insolvent status (never considering his morally insolvent status), found it intolerable to live in a small apartment with a hyperactive puppy, finally left the family home to live with another woman.

Your young son thought that he was responsible for your husbands departure, as young children so often mistakenly believe while blaming themselves, managed to say: Dad didn’t leave because of me, he left because he couldn’t stand my dog!

Your dog, in unconditional love, managed to do what you could not, to get your husband to leave your home the first step to ending your unhappy marriage.

The dog replaced you husbands negative energy with his positive, loving, fun, energy and your home was substantially happier.

In physical terms the back represents support and structure. With all the weight now firmly on your back, no husband to financially support you, a meagre divorce settlement, an exciting job with an uncertain long-term financial future and no benefits to be replaced with a new job of uncertain future, however with promised greater financial security and benefits, an insecure child all in one week in your life phew!

That’s enough strain on your back to break you. In your distraught emotional state any further burden would be the straw that broke the camels back.

And then on Friday morning your beloved dog is dragging its back legs and your vet confirms your worst fears degenerative disk disease.

Your dog, in unconditional love, has taken your burdens off your back onto his back. At a spiritual level, he willingly sacrificed his health, and perhaps even his life, so your back did not have to break, emotionally speaking, under the burdens of your past week.

This dog, healthy as anything on Thursday morning was as sick as a dog on Friday morning.

In unconditional love your dog took over your burdens to relieve you so you did not have to suffer any further.

Know that your pet came into your life with unconditional love and has always displayed it to you. He was always happy to see you, he never bore a grudge. He always loved in the now. He never criticized, controlled, manipulated or judged you. He simply gave you love, 24/7.

Know that you deserve to be loved like that by people too. Give unconditional love like your dog and you will receive it in Gods timing.

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