24. A Letter To A Mother

My Darling Mother,

I spend my days and nights reading books, listening to tapes, going to lectures, having discussions about one topic to understand the journey of the Soul. To have clarity of the relationship of the Soul and its relationship to perfection the image of God. I now know that we are all Souls in human bodies. All of us Souls on earth and all of the Souls in Spirit are all part of one Soul One Spirit the perfection we call God.

I see a glimpse of this perfection and aim my life at improving my imperfections. I attempt to improve, make some progress, stumble, pick myself up, attempt again and continue the process until I see some progress. Feeling encouraged, I continue attempting, stumbling, progressing. The reward is in the journey because the destination of perfection will take thousands of lifetimes.

In this lifetime, I have been blind for over 49 years.

I have had to read, listen and discuss this concept but my eyes have been shut, my ears blocked, my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth.

I have prayed, by asking God, for a glimpse of perfection but I was blind and deaf to it.

You, my darling mother, are this glimpse of perfection.

You are humility with no need for ego. You are strength without a need for power. You are totally selfless in serving others. You listen without a need to speak. Your guidance is so subtle that hardly a ripple is noticeable. You are at peace with no need for anything. You are wealthy beyond measure because you never needed anything before you got it. You bore 50 years of marriage, as a saint, more than half of which was spent nursing Dad, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with total love and devotion.

You had little, if any, pleasures of a physical nature. You were deprived of the time to make and nurture friends, to have a hobby or participate in a sport or go to a concert or play for your needs. However, you never complained, you never expressed frustration. You just kept on, in love, showering your blessings on Dad and on us all.

When you lost your other son, tragically, you bore the loss, burying your hurt so you could help Dad handle the loss he felt. I believe that your Soul knew that your son would not be seen again in the physical world but was with you in the spiritual world, so instinctively you could handle the loss easier than Dad could.

There can be very few people in the world who have lived to nearly 80 and who do not have an enemy or even someone who has carried a small grievance of annoyance about them. I cannot think of the one person who could say anything negative about you. You have not harmed anyone either with your words or actions. You have lived the credo you always instilled in us, If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

You and Dad always struggled financially, but you were never poor. You always knew, instinctively, that the Universe will provide for your needs.

You never demanded anything, you always placed Dad and your children’s needs way above your own. You have chosen a path on this life on earth to be one of selfless love and devotion. You have done a wonderful job of it.

You are a wonderful, wonderful human being and a marvellous, glorious spiritual being.

Thank you for allowing me to choose you as my mother, to show me a glimpse of perfection, which perfection is God.

I love you Mom, you are my heroine forever.

Eternally yours.

All my love
Your Son

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