Provider, Sensitive, Courageous, Empathy, Independent, Inquisitive

Provider: The chicken provides eggs and meat as a form of nourishment. They also provide fertilizer for gardens and their feathers are used for stuffing bedding and pillows.

Courageous: Although the term being chicken implies being scared to do something, the chicken is sensitive to danger and in its attempt to survive it squawks loudly and runs frenetically away from danger as quickly as it can with its small legs carrying its large body. The chicken courageously attempts to survive by running away from perceived danger by doing the best it can to avoid being a victim. People with victim mentalities would do well to run away from abuse providing they first confront their abuser with This is not “this acceptable to me” as a chicken would squawk out its protest loudly.

Empathy: Chickens are sensitive to the environment and have empathetic understanding. This sensitivity to danger and empathy of all things around them creates within them a highly-strung nervous system. This lead to unpredictable behaviour often without warning signals. A person with these symptoms requires meditative balance to reduce high stress levels.

Independent: A chicken is part of a group but also requires personal space for inner reflection away from noisy, squawking crowds.

Inquisitive Chickens have an exploratory inquisitive nature, scratching at the dirt looking for something to eat, for their nourishment and enjoyment. One who is inquisitive is exploring for knowledge and reflection through observation.

Persistent: Chickens will peck away tirelessly at an obstacle until it is eventually removed showing grit and determination through patience and persistence a valuable trait.

Relationships: Chicken operate within a group while maintaining independence of personal space. They show you not to become needy in relationships. Feathers will ruffle if space is not sought occasionally.

Sacrifice: Throughout history chickens have been used for sacrificial purposes. If sacrifice is made, then the person being sacrificed should be thanked in absolute gratitude for sacrificing their needs in place of something, or someone, else. Sacrifice denotes being worthy.

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