Speed, Flexible, Focus, Brotherhood, Alone

Speed : The cheetah is the fastest land animal achieving speeds up to 71 miles per hour (114 kilometers per hours). It can only maintain that speed for 200 300 yards (274 meters). It stalks its prey getting within 50 yards of an intended victim before accelerating.

Flexible: The cheetah has a long, fluid, greyhound-like body and is streamlined over light bones. The long flexible spine acts as a spring for its powerful back legs to get added reach with each step. For you to make speedy progress in achieving your objectives you need to be flexible, fluid and capable of adapting your pace and direction when opportunities, or dangers, are unearthed.

Focus: The cheetahs speed and agility enables it to focus entirely on its intended prey for a fairly short period of time. This focus begins with the stalking process and culminates with the kill. If you focus intensely you can achieve your objectives.

Brotherhood: Male cheetahs, often brothers, usually form a coalition of 2 or 3, only rarely does a male live alone. This coalition will live and hunt together for life.

Alone: All female cheetahs are solitary except when they have a litter.

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