Assertive, Balance, Illusive, Leader, Power, Territorial

Assertive: Cougars can assert themselves gently without needing to be aggressive. They tackle the porcupine, unlike other animals, toyingly upending them with their claws, exposing their soft underbelly. People with the power inherent in them do not have to use force, they can show courage and gently achieve their objectives.

Balance: The mother stays with her cubs for a year teaching them hunting and survival skills. Initially she will hunt and bring dead animals for their food. In time she brings in her prey alive, teaching the cubs the skill of killing their prey. Those with cougar energy become good teachers, facilitating teaching and develop leadership skills.

Illusive: A cougar can simply show up without being noticed. Its power and leadership dominates the scene. Sometimes this threatens others who thought they were in control.

Leader: the cougar uses this power together with its swiftness in decision making coupled with its balance to create leadership.

Power: The cougar combines strength, speed, decisiveness, agility and assertiveness to create the power to kill its prey without remorse.

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