21. The Journey Of Your Life – Part II

In The Journey of your Life – Part I We dealt with you finally becoming the rightful driver of your vehicle. Now you have to drive through the difficult terrain of the “Hall of Mirrors in your Life”.

For a fuller understanding of mirrors in your life We recommend you go to lionelberman.com and click on The Little Book of Mirrors. Here Kurt, Lionel Berman “Aaron”, Guide explains in 26 pages a fuller concept of mirrors.

We respect and honor Kurt and Lionel Berman and thank them for this invaluable teaching. We are going to deal with only a few aspects of mirrors in this lesson.

Acknowledging the mirrors of your life is recognizing that people, animals, material things such as motor cars, batteries, etc. are all reflecting a message to you about yourself. You are a multi-faceted Being in multi-dimensions. Some call these past lives, some parallel lives. We do not wish to go into this understanding now – simply to acknowledge that there are many You’s and the mirrors reflect all of those You’s at different times.

The purpose of recognizing the mirrors is for your healing, growth and evolvement. We quote from pages 22 – 24 of The Little Book of Mirrors as Guide Kurt explains one of the main purposes of recognizing mirrors – Acknowledging Your Responsibility.

This understanding guides you into a space where you can begin to learn the most important characteristic of the mirrors: responsibility. For as you begin to recognize the mirrors, you have also to acknowledge that you are the creator of your reality. I determine my mirrors by means of my thoughts, feelings and beliefs and through what my spirit is creating. I need to learn to recognize my emotions and how to feel. In doing so, I also learn about my thoughts and how my thoughts work. In turn, I learn about my spirit and I learn that all is my creation.

Taking responsibility for all that happens to you in your life is part of having control over your life. Inner peace and joy comes from being able to recognize the mirror and being able to say, “I know that I have work to do. I take responsibility for my growth. I take responsibility for my spiritual understanding. I take responsibility for my physical interactions. I take responsibility for the situations in which I find myself, for I recognize the mirrors. I can respond to the mirrors”.

For Us, the most important part of understanding the mirrors and why We would wish to convey the idea of mirrors to you is that ultimately it gives you the responsibility to gain your inner strength. That in fact, is the end result of your acknowledgement of the mirrors. You cannot say it is someone else’s fault when in truth whatever happens to you is a mirror reflection of what you are doing. You cannot avoid full and total responsibility.

With responsibility comes growth, because you are now responsible for your growth. You can respond. You are not waiting for the guides, the angels, God or some other external force to give you what you need. You begin to recognize your mirrors and in doing so, you begin to understand, and with that understanding comes responsibility. You then take responsibility for what is reflected outwardly from within you. It always comes from the inside out – never the other way round. Since it comes from the inside out, you recognize what is out there. You know it has come from the inside and therefore you are capable of beginning to reconstruct it, re-create it and in so doing, you become the co-creator and the empowered being that you always have been. Respond, respond, respond!

So you see what purpose the mirrors serve. It is all about responsibility and empowerment, about understanding your own inner power and your co-creatorship. It is a way of taking you into the infinite and also taking you into the nothingness out of which all creation comes. Now you can see how this all links up into one perfect circle.

Your co-creatorship ability causes you to want to come into the physical life to identify those mirrors that help you to take responsibility, to become a light unto yourself (for mirrors always indicate light of some sort). You become the co-creator from within the nothingness (because mirrors also bring about the nothingness). You distinguish illusion from reality to understand your infinite eternal Being and to understand the true idea of “as above so below”. Once you can put that all together, then you have achieved inner peace, inner joy and freedom.

Then you understand, for instance that paraplegics are not disabled by accident. This cannot happen “by accident”. God does not play dice with the universe. It is not through misfortune that this has happened. There must be a mirror and if you can recognize that mirror and the responsibility and the growth and the co-creation in that, then you free yourself from having perhaps done certain things in past/parallel lives and bring about circumstances that prevent you from repeating those things, to free yourself from these repetitive actions.

Lionel Berman acting as a Channel

I encountered a paraplegic and before knowing his circumstances, I saw flashed before me parallel/past lives in which he murdered someone else, always at the age of twenty-four. He then told me that he was involved in an accident at the age of twenty-four, causing him to become wheelchair bound. The mirrors were explained to me: in this lifetime at twenty-four years of age he has an accident that makes him a paraplegic. While most may consider him trapped in the wheelchair, he has in fact gained his freedom. The limitation frees him from repeating the same murderous story all over again. His body prevents him from repeating these actions in any possible way. He is now dependent on others, rather than being able to hurt others. By recognizing the mirrors, he recognized his freedom, bringing him inner joy and peace. [/i]

Confronting these mirrors requires a great deal of courage. This young man has enormous courage. We honor him, and all those that come into the physical, for the enormous amount of sustained energy required for the growth process in this physical existence.”

We thank Kurt and Lionel for this explanation of mirrors.

So, from this you can understand taking responsibility for becoming the rightful driver of your own vehicle. Look for your mirrors, work them through, heal, grow, evolve into the wonderful human Being you are. You are part of God. God is joy, God is happiness, God is bliss – give yourself permission to be God like, after all, God does!

DRIVEDoing Responsibly In Victorious Embrace

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