Stickability, Psychic, Sensitivity, Patience, Reach, Climb, Solar Powered

Stickability: A chameleon blends in with its environment because it is already the natural colour of its environment. A chameleon would not blend into a vastly different colour and environment such as snow. By staying in its environment it allows its strength of camouflage to dominate, survive and thrive. Many people who have certain strengths should remember to retain their dominance, their survival and their ability to thrive. It is important to remain in the environments which allow their strengths to predominate.

Psychic: A chameleon has a third eye situated at the back of its head. This third eye can only distinguish light and dark. For those people who wish to distinguish what is lightness and what is darkness, as things appear in their life, shape-shifting to a chameleon will assist them.

Sensitivity : A chameleon is sensitive to its environment.

Patience: A chameleon waits patiently in its camouflaged state, unmoving, until it strikes at its prey with its meter length tongue.

Reach: A chameleon survives and thrives because its extra-long tongue reaches out to catch its prey. So too, do people need to reach out, extend themselves, to get what they require.

Climb : A chameleon has to climb to higher levels to catch its prey. So too do people need to get to higher levels to attain knowledge, guidance and wisdom.

Solar Powered: The chameleon basks in the sun to gain energy and warm itself. Where do you get your energy sourced from?

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