19. CAT

Domesticated, Magic, Mystery, Healing, Protectors, Teachers, Personalities

Domesticated: A cat is not really comfortable being domesticated it prefers to be wild. Its attitude towards being domesticated is to remain aloof, go its own way, put up with its imprisonment but show its owner/captor who is the real boss by its attitude. Those cats who accept domesticity live a regal life, not producing anything or contributing to the household, other than love, if it so decides to in its independence.

Magic/Mystery: Due to superior eye sight a cat is at home in the dark. The dark generally frightens humans so the cat is attributable with magical and mysterious powers.

Healing: Cats energy field rotates clockwise which is the opposite of the human energy field. Cats can absorb the negative energy of humans and so neutralize it healing humans in the process.

Protectors: With its excellent night vision, sensitive hearing and high intelligence levels cats have proven to have extra sensory perception (ESP) and are early warning protectors and defenders of their rights.

Teachers: Cats can teach many things. How to relax, how to be independent, how to give and receive love, how to develop stronger spiritual awareness, improve meditation, and so on.

Personalities: Cats, if satisfied to be domesticated, can take on personalities attributable to humans.

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