God is Love.
Every body is part of God.
Everybody is Love as they all have a part of God inside of them.
Where is that part of God inside of them?
It’s in their Soul.
How did it get into their Soul?
It came from God.
How did it come from God?
All Souls come from God.
God comprises all the Souls, those in Spirit and those on earth and those on all other realms not disclosed, as yet, and so much more.
God is Infinite and beyond human understanding.
But importantly for you to know – you are part of God
And God is Pure Love and the part of God inside of you is Pure Love.
You were born as a body with a Soul.
Your Soul is eternal, your body is finite and eventually turns into dust.
Your Soul, with its part of God intact within it, is eternal and infinite.
You were born with Love inside you.
The part of God, which was born inside of you is the Love you were born with.

You were born with Love inside of you.
You were born as Love Itself.
You were swamped with Love by people outside of you when you were born.
These people recognized the Pure Love you were at birth.
At your birth and for some time thereafter you remembered the Pure Love of God from whence you came.

The Love you express to yourself, and to others, comes from the Love inside of you.

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