Adaptable, Aggressive, Alliances, Assimilation, Clairvoyant, Devious, Leader, Loner, Patience, Provider, Unearthing

Adaptable: Adapt to living on land and in the water. Do you need to be more adaptable? 

Aggressive: Attack its prey aggressively and explosively. Is this your approach? Does it need modification?

Alliances: Alligators/Crocodiles gums are attacked by leeches. The plover, a bird, works in safe alliance with the crocodile, which also eats birds. The plover eats the leeches and the crocodile does not eat the plover. Who are you in alliances with who could otherwise threaten you?

Assimilation: Alligators/Crocodiles digest their food slowly showing you to assimilate experiences before moving on.

Clairvoyant: With eyes high up on the head, above the water, body submerged, hidden in water means discovery of knowledge first, then take action to use this knowledge.

Devious: Alligators/Crocodiles hide themselves in water, submerged, patiently waiting to attack explosively. Crocodiles tears are used to get rid of salt in their eyes not to denote sorrow or pain. Are you, or do you know someone, who is deviously showing, or not showing, your/their emotions?

Leader: – There are no known predators to attack Alligators/Crocodiles. If you are a leader does this serve you well? Should you rather be a leader or a follower?

Loner: Alligators/crocodiles can survive and live on their own, only coming together for reproduction. Is a loner your preferred relationship?

Patience: Alligators/crocodiles can wait patiently, submerged, awaiting their prey, then take action with appropriate timing. Can you do with more patience?

Provider : Alligators create Gater Holes small ponds of fresh water. These potholes in the mud create an oasis for other animal life to survive as the water retreats. Even alligators provide for others.

Unearthing: Alligators/crocodiles move from water to land and back again. This unearths new wisdom, knowledge and opportunities. If you have these attributes and they are not used carefully, you could be swallowed up!

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