19. Was That An Angel?

Most people have preconceptions about what an Angel should look like. Wings are a must! Rosy cheeks, sweet face, smiling, beautiful eyes. Makes me feel wonderful. Yup, must be an Angel.

Would you like to see another angle on an Angel?

Well, you just saw one – angle / Angel – things are not always what they seem.

It was a dark and stormy night (We love that intro!) and the housewife was in the kitchen preparing her 18th wedding anniversary dinner. Table set for two. Candles, wine glasses, romance in the air.

Pity, we never had children, mused the housewife. Just the two of us, always. I hope he hasn’t been drinking again. I ‘ know how much longer I can take this physical abuse when he is drunk. My excuses at the hospital are wearing thin. Tripped down the stairs, slipped on a wet tile in the bathroom, dog attacked me, and so on.

Here he comes; I hear his key in the door. I’m in the kitchen.

Happy Anniversary!

He reels into the kitchen, drunk, belligerent, swearing, cursing. He raises his huge ham like fist. She grabs the knife she was cutting the frozen steak with and stabs him as his fist strikes her cheek, for the hundredth time. The knife thrust upwards, enters between his ribs and ruptures an artery in his heart. He slumps to the floor, his outstretched right hand still clenched in a fist.

Shaking like a leaf she realizes that in 18 years this is the first time she has fought back. She calms herself down, checks his pulse – no pulse – hers races to 150, pounding in her temples.

Oh my God, what have I done, she screams.

After a few minutes, she phones the police.

When the police arrive she confesses telling the whole story.

In court the Judge is sympathetic, understanding, however the most lenient sentence is 5 years with 3 years off for good behavior. All alone in the world she gets bundled off to prison. Placed in a cell with many other women, she cries herself into an uneasy, fitful sleep.

The next day she attempts to befriend the other criminals she has to spend the next five years with – locked up like animals in an overcrowded jail cell.

One cell mate, looking like she has not known a pleasant day in her life, aggressively approaches our ex-housewife and says, can you read?

Yes I can, stammers the frightened new cell-mate sensing all eyes in the cell on her.

Then read this to me, demands the tough-looking female cell-mate as she thrusts an envelope at her.

With fingers shaking she manages to prize out a single sheet of paper, which has been torn from a school exercise book.

Nervously she reads: “Dear Mommy, I miss you so much. When are you coming home to look after me? I had my 7th birthday and still you weren’t there. What does 25 to life mean? The other children say I must find another mommy, but I love you mommy. Come home soon. I love you Mommy. Suzie xxxxx.”

The ex-housewife looked up and saw tears streaming down the face of the tough cell-mate. She heard sniffles, then noses being blown and she saw all the women in the cell crying and trying to hold back their emotions. They all felt for the hardened cell-mate and they all thought about their own families and how much they missed them.

After that, other letters were fished out of uniforms, from under mattresses and from other hiding places. The housewife spent her first morning in prison reading letters and the next few days answering letters on behalf of her cell-mates. Then, when she had time to absorb all that was happening, she realized these poor women were all illiterate – they could not read or write!

She asked their permission to teach them to read and write. They all grasped the opportunity and became eager students. The ex-housewife fell exhausted onto her bed every night and woke up eagerly, full of enthusiasm, the following morning to teach her “students”, her cell-mates, who were like sponges absorbing every bit of instruction.

After quite some time, some of the brighter students wrote their first letters home, full of excitement and hope. When the replies came back, the excitement was intense. Mom, when did you learn to write?

The ex-housewife could not believe how she felt. For the first time in her life she was doing something useful, purposeful, for other people, but benefiting herself.

The ex-housewife had found her mission in life, her purpose in life – in a prison cell!

She went on to teach literacy to women prisoners. Upon her early release from prison, this has remained her life’s goal and her life’s blessing, to teach prisoners to read and write.

(This is a true story recounted by a Guide, Kurt, to his Channel “Aaron” (Lionel Berman)[/i]

Who are the Angels here?

Firstly, there is the ex-housewife. Then the hardened cell-mate, but also the abusive husband.

What! The abusive husband – how?

Well, in the bigger picture We can see, the abusive husband had a Soul Contract with the housewife to assist her to reach her healing and growth – by teaching literacy to prisoners.

In another lifetime, this ex-housewife abused prisoners of war through atrocities. Obviously, in that lifetime, she was not a housewife but a frighteningly, sadistic brute of a man.

This was a karmic debt she asked to repay in this lifetime – as a housewife who killed her abusive husband and was sent to jail – to find her freedom!

The abusive husband had to play his Angelic role in their Soul Contract so she could be sent to jail. So, you see Angels – in the bigger picture that We can see – come in all shapes, sizes and types not just the ones on Christmas gift wrapping.

If you look around you, in your daily life, you will start to recognize everyone as an Angel. After all, they have all come from the Spirit World, entered their bodies on earth as Souls. No one was born a murderer, a rapist, an adulterer, a charitable person, a wonderful, giving person. They become what they become because of Soul Contracts with others in their Soul Groups.

We have always said We do not judge, We do not control and We do not manipulate. Everyone has free will and every action has consequences. This true story should encourage you to stop judging people in your life. Abusers are Angels, do-gooders are Angels, hardened criminals are Angels and you are an Angel.

You are surrounded by Angels in your daily life, treat them accordingly and you will be surprised what emerges in front of you. You will see a transformation of yourself beyond belief. You will see a transformation of others that will be called miraculous.

MIRACLE – May I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving

Now you can ask “Was that an Angel?” and the answer you now know will be “Yes”.

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