Importance, Vitality, Intuition, Friendly, Eating,

Parenting, Responsible, Colourful, Powerful

Importance: The cardinal is proud of its bright-coloured head. These red birds appears as important as do the red-robed Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church.

Vitality: Cardinals are proud of their loud and clear whistle. Unusually for birds, the female of this species also joins in the whistling.

Intuition: The females participation implies listening to your inner voice, your intuition while assisting your creativity.

Friendly: Cardinals are friendly and benefit the environment by eating many weed seeds and insects which damage other plants.

Eating: Cardinals invite you to look at what you are eating to ensure you do not eat harmful substances.

Parenting: The male cardinal often assists with egg incubation and feeds the female and its babies while they are nesting.

Responsible: Male cardinals show the importance of responsibility and attending to the task at hand.

Colourful: Cardinals add colour, improve the environment, whistle beautifully, show responsibility, are friendly and their vitality for life is wonderful to observe.

Powerful: Cardinals invite you to stand up and be counted, to walk your own path and honour others by allowing them to walk their own path.

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