Sound, Voice, Sensitive, Substitute

Sound: The canary’s ability to sing beautifully is its most important attribute. Singing lifts the spirit, heals sorrow and blesses you with joy. The power of sound is formidable!

Voice: Finding your voice, like the canary, empowers you to communicate your feelings and expressions.

Sensitive: The canary is very sensitive to toxic air and was used in mining operations to detect harmful gases. These canaries were deemed expendable. If you use your voice in a damaging way, who do you deem to be expendable as you use your voice and your statements sow dissent?

Substitute: Some people have canaries as pets to do their singing for them. Perhaps the canaries should encourage you to use your own voice and sing. No matter what you sound like, singing is preferable to not singing. Lift your voice and lift your spirits upwards.

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