18. Avoiding Anxiety – Learning To Stay In The Now


1. You have an Ego and a Soul.
2. Your Ego is controlled by FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).
3. Your Soul is Who You Really Are – LOVE (Let Our Vibrations Evolve).
4. GOD is Love.
5. You are a part of GOD.
6. You are Love.
7. You are your Soul which comes from GOD and is a part of GOD.
8. Only your Soul is real eternally.
9. Your Ego is temporary – for this lifetime only.


1. Your Ego needs to feel important so it uses Fear as its tool.
2. By keeping you in the past with memories and in the future with hope and/or anxiety your Ego feeds on your Fear of the past repeating itself or on the dream/hope or anxiety/despair of the future.
3. Ego means edging GOD out.
4. Your Ego controls your mind which controls your thoughts when they are in the past or in the future.


1 The only time there is is Now.
2 What is not occurring right now occurred in the past or is going to occur in the future.
3 Only Now is real.
4 The only time that is real is Now.
5 Your only opportunity to affect change in your life is Now.
6 You cannot change the past and you cannot change the future, you can only act in the Now.
7 By acting correctly in the Now you have a pleasant past and a hopeful future.
8 By acting incorrectly in the Now you have an unpleasant past and an anxious future.
9 Only your breath keeps you alive. The only breath you can take is the one you are taking Now. You can’t take a breath an hour ago and you can’t take a breath in an hour’s time. Only Now is real.
10 You can only access your Soul in the Now because that’s the only time that is real.
11 The Now is all there is.
12 The only time you can access your Soul is Now. The only time you can access GOD is Now.
13 By learning to live in the Now you can learn not to live in Fear because Fear only exists in the past or in anxiety of the future. Love only exists in the Now. You can have a memory of love in the past or a hope/anxiety of love in the future but you can only experience love in the Now.
14 When you are consciously in the Now you allow your intuition to access your Soul, which is love. Because GOD is love your intuition is accessing the part of GOD inside of you, your Soul. You can only experience GOD/Soul/Love in the Now. You cannot experience Fear in the Now – only in the past or future.
15 When you are in the Now you do not think – you rely on your intuition to access your Soul/GOD/Love and you act intuitively accordingly.
16 Your intuition is in tuition with Soul/GOD/Love. You are intuitively accessing Soul/GOD/Love, learning and acting from this Source of all knowledge.


1. By not thinking in the Now but rather intuitively acting according to the Source of all knowledge you have accessed the gap between your thoughts – your No Mind.
2. You cannot think with your mind that you must get into the gap between your thoughts – your No Mind. Your thoughts created by your mind prevent that from happening.
3. You seek the gap between your thoughts, without conscious thought you will learn to simply let it happen automatically and naturally.
The techniques of how to seek this gap follows.


1. Monitor your thoughts to be conscious of your mind working and where it is taking you.
2. Let your thoughts come into your mind and let them go. Don’t hold onto any thoughts whatsoever. When your thoughts find no reaction or response from you they will eventually tire of the effort.
3. Being conscious of your thoughts means you are in the Now as you are recognising them as thoughts, as distinct foreign unwanted objects.
4. Once your thoughts tire of no reaction or response they stop eventually and this allows your No Mind of no thoughts to open up to access your intuition in the present moment of Now.
1 Be conscious of each breath that you take – inhale – exhale – to be conscious of being in the Now.
2 Be conscious of your current heartbeat or pulse to stay in the Now.
3 Practice V breathing. Exhale down the V and inhale up the V.
1 Look, hear, touch, smell, taste with conscious intent in every present moment of Now.
2 Experience everything you do intently as if it’s happening in slow motion. Brush your teeth intently, feel the water on you when you bathe, the towel rubbing against your skin, eat each mouthful by tasting intently.
3 By focusing your energy on being consciously in the moment you do things intuitively, automatically, without conscious thought. This focus of energy unleashes your intuition to access its Source of all knowledge without conscious thought, simply automatically. The answers you seek come from the gap between your thoughts – your No Mind. (This is “Being in the zone” that top sports people experience.)
4 When you learn to trust this process, when you learn to stay in the Now, then you will automatically come from Love, from Soul, from G-D.
5 At this point your life becomes more effortless as things simply work out easier. Without the stress and tension of anxiety of the future, by living in the Now, effortlessly, you learn to trust the process to unfold as it should, to stay in the Now and to be LOVE – Who You Really Are.
1. Whatever is happening now is What is Now – accept it – whether you perceive it to be good, bad or indifferent.
2. Atomically you are porous – simply let everything go through you without resistance.
3. You can’t change what is happening – accept it – whatever presents itself is happening for a reason. The reason is to allow your Soul to grow towards enlightenment by experiencing what needs to be done.
4. GOD’s timing for you is always perfect.
5. GOD gives you what you need (not want!) – exactly when you need it.
6. It’s GOD’s gift to you Now – that’s why it is called the present moment of Now.
7. Accept it. Welcome the insecurity and uncertainty that is presented as they provide unlimited opportunities for your Soul to grow towards enlightenment through this experience provided :
You trust the process to unfold as it should.
You stay in the Now.
You be Love in every thought, word, action and belief.
8. Surrender by accepting that this is as it should be for your Soul to grow towards enlightenment.
9. Accept it with an “Attitude of Gratitude”.
10. By surrendering and accepting what is now you become present in the Now. You become enlightened.
11. You now do what is in front of you to do. You focus on that and do it intuitively, by accessing the ability from the Source of all knowledge.
12. Life becomes more fluid, effortless and an inner peace, a calmness comes over you.
13. By trusting the process to unfold as it should, by staying in the Now, you can approach the moment by living the action “What Would Love Do Now” and doing it, intuitively.
14. Calmness, inner peace, trust and no anxiety are the end result when you “Let Go and Let GOD”. But remain conscious to “row away from the rocks” with your free will intact.
15. By staying in the Now you access Soul/Love/GOD and you only know Love not Fear and Fear’s by-product, anxiety.
16. Live in the Now and know inner peace.
17. Expect a MIRACLE (May I Recognise A Conscious Light Evolving) – it’s in the making now.
18. The choice is yours. Stay in the Now and know Love or let Fear rule you with anxiety by allowing your thoughts to live in the past or the future.
19. It’s your choice now.

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