17. It Only Happens In The Now

Many people only use half their brain! The brain is known to have a left side and a right side. One is logical and the other emotional or intuitive.

The logical brain is scientific and requires physical proof of reality.
The intuitive brain is imagination, thought, unlimited, belief of all possibilities known and unknown.
The logical brain can also be called intellect trapped in its own prison of rigidity, proven, known facts.

The logical brain is like a beautiful bird trapped in a gilded cage. Its feathers are trimmed to prevent its wing growth. It is provided with its food, water and toys to amuse itself with in its cage. It is given attention by its owner but for all the benefits it has it is still trapped in its cage, its prison, denying it the opportunity to experience flight.
With its freedom to fly it knows exhilaration, however, in common with the duality that exists in the physical world, it also knows the fear of being damaged or killed by a predator.
The freedom of flying, experiencing ultimate joy and happiness, even for a short time, may be more than enough compensation for the possibility of loss, temporary or permanent.

By moving from the known security of imprisonment with its limited but stable diet, to the uncertainty and insecurity of flight with the possibility of exhilaration, bliss, and sufficient food counterbalanced by the possibility of loss, damage and death, is the choice you all make on the earth plane.
When your Inner Security, your IS, is dependent on a logical brain belief system of proven facts then you allow outside reference points to determine your Inner Security.
Like the bird in the gilded cage you are fed a diet of belief systems by others that imprison your intellect to believe certain facts.
These proven facts, handed down from generation to generation, become the total scope, or boundary, of your limits for growth.
For example, you believe you are your body.

If at the present time of an incident you may lose a limb, become paralysed, or lose a loved one, then, at that moment of Now it appears that your life is over. The incident takes over your whole body and mind and total loss is all you see.
In time you realise that life does go on and, although you experience loss, it is not permanent but temporary.

Conversely, if you win the lottery or marry the person of your dreams or get your ideal job, you think you have gained the world – you are so exhilarated. In time, many lottery winners end up even poorer than before. One third of ideal marriages end in bitter divorces and ideal jobs sometimes require such compromise of a balanced lifestyle that families, integrity and health is jeopardised, to name a few by-products of so-called success.
What is perceived to be permanent is but temporary.
This Too Shall Pass.
The logical brain giving you known proven facts is short changing you!

By using your intuitive brain as well you allow your imagination, thought, creativity, all possibilities, to be unleashed and created.
You become the bird that knows the exhilaration of flight and all its endless possibilities.
When you allow your intuitive brain to work it enables your known concepts of Inner Security to be shattered and to be replaced with the possibility of the unknown, the uncertainty, the insecurity of the unknown becomes limitless. The impossible becomes possible. The cage of limitation becomes the flight of all possibilities.

What you currently believe is that you are your body. Your Inner Security (IS) is based on how it affects what you perceive to be who you are. A body, your physical adornments, your physical health, wealth, status, security.
Your Inner Security (IS) has its reference points to your body and your intellectual mind. Any time something is added to your life you feel happier and any time something is taken away from you, you feel sadder.

Your Inner Security (IS) is determined by outside reference points of approval or disapproval of yourself, by yourself, and by others.
Now We ask you to use your intuitive brain and to take a leap of faith in three steps or jumps.
Firstly, you are not your body, you are a Soul.
Secondly, as a Soul you are Part of God.
Thirdly, God is Love.
Therefore you are Love. That is Who You Are!
As a Soul, as Part of God, you are eternal, indestructible, undamageable, unlimited, all powerful, you are Perfection.

Your Inner Security comes from knowing you are a Part of God Now – this is Love Based, not from the decisions of man – which are Ego/Fear Based.
When your Inner Security (IS) comes from knowing that you are a Part of God then you will know that you, at your Essence, are Love.
When your Inner Security (IS) can trust that God will give you what you need now, not want, for the growth of your Soul to remember that it is Love, then you learn to Trust God Now.
When you Trust God Now you become Love, Now, and your Inner Security (IS) knows only Love, Now.
God can only be found in the Now, Love can only happen in the Now.
Now is all there is – Now. Love is all there is Now.
Be Love Now and know that your Inner Security – your IS only happens in the Now.
Be Love Now.

Trust your intuitive brain to think, create, act, do and say, “What Would Love Do Now?”
You are Love, you are a Part of God, God is Love.
Trust God Now.
Trust Love Now.
Be Love always and all ways – Now.
Inner Security (IS) is knowing you are Part of God.
IS only happens in the Now when you know you are Part of God Now.

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